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A biface I found this afternoon while on an adventure.  This was located near a cairn on top of a hill that rises above the surrounding prairie a few hundred feet.  You can see for miles and miles.

I imagine buffalo hunters of old sitting up there for hours, watching the herds roll in and out, flint-knapping to pass the time.

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10th-11th Century Kievan Rus or early Slavic-Varangian.  Most of my kit is from Chorna mohyla grave site which was part of the Principality of Chernigov or the Gnezdovo grave in the what was the Principality of Smolensk.  There are similarities with Byzantine heavy infantry due to the contacts between the two. 

The other dude is Polish. 

And here is me hitting him over the head because "gib Lviv" (actually a full target fight demo) 


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Photos from May 9th.


One of KamAZ trucks with salute guns, near Aurora.







After my working day was over i walked out of the office to see a lot of people and salute itself










Cars were parked pretty randomly.


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