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Tsai Ing-Wen wins the 2016 presidential election of Taiwan, first female president of Taiwan.

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Like I said a couple days ago actually, I said I thought it was very likely that Ma Ying-Jeou would lose the next election as he and his administration are very unpopular, and I guess it turned out to be true, also, aside from being the first female president, She's also the second candidate to win under the Democratic Progressive Party as opposed to the more traditonal Kuomintang which has held it for 5 (arguably 6) terms. and her party has also won a majority in the legislative Yuan, which is actually a pretty significant swing.

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I was expecting her to win the finals through landslide. Pleased she is now the new office holder.

Also she seems to be the first person to run for any head of state position and use "Anime" as a campaign symbol, http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/01/19/taiwans-president-elect-tsai-ing-wen-appears-as-cute-moe-anime-girl-in-awesome-campaign-videos/

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She actually did win by a pretty massive margin (56% vs 31% roughly, and around 13% for the PFP, but honestly, I would be incredibly shocked if the PFP ever wins a Presidential election or a majority in any of the Yuans at this point.)


What's really noteworthy in itself aswell is how big the lead is now for the DPP in the Legislative Yuan, even when Chen Shui-bian won the first DPP presidency it wasn't nearly that large, though he did have a massive impact on the Executive Yuan.

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Yeah she did, I meant in the context I knew she would have before the finals, and she certainly did.

I've been an avid supporter of her for years now, but it seems many of my colleagues don't like or think she's going to be an Obama-copy. However she's going to make a significant impact, in my prediction.

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All my friends from Taiwan I've talked to (even the apolitical ones) seem to like her and her platform she ran on alot, or at the very least think she's going to be significantly better then her predecessor, which isn't a high bar but, It's good to see some people already have pretty high confidence in her.

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