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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.

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4 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

Almost looks like an A5 tube and stock...


You can ask him yourself, thats RustedAce's rifle in Iraq. He hosts the Cola warrior shooting "event".







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Just now, Sturgeon said:

Sorry, I was on mobile. I'm not ready to post that here.

That's fine.


I mean, I am curious but this is a public forum and you may have NDAs etc to think about in addition to not wanting to talk about your former employer.

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8 hours ago, EnsignExpendable said:

Did you know that not only was the AK copied from the Stg, but the Mosin is actually just a Mauser? 

The identification system of people reading the blog Maxim Rudolfovich  Popenker.

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15 hours ago, EnsignExpendable said:

You can buy a licensed hunting carbine conversion of a DP machinegun, compared to that a Mosin doesn't seem so interesting :D

75000 rubles ...1250 $ )) 10 round magazine, semi-auto )


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Of circular economy!


France had promised to deliver 1400 assault rifles to the Central African forces.

Since we are in the process of replacing the FAMAS some peoples expected said AR to be them (which would have been a terrible idea given how worn out they are and how costly they are to maintain).


Finally those will be smuggled AKM which were seized by our navy back in 2016 in Yemen





Chances are that some of those weapons will go straight back to the black market^^

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