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Syrian conflict.

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In Northen Hama number of militants and terrorists started operation Ghouta Fury or something like this, so far no serious changes in frontlines.















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   From a video posted earlier - one of notorious Osa vehicles, that were used by Jaish Al-Islam to shot down or damage several helicopters (from 2013 until IIRC 2017) was captured.


One 9K33 has been recaptured so far.




HTS jurist claim to have captured a UAE-built (and likely Turkish-supplied) Panthera F9 APC from JTS, so a heads up for when/if you start seeing this vehicle in future HTS videos.


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Northen Hama operation:


   2018 (81) The military leader of the 1st.Division to me "The Syrian army withdrew from Kernaz town & 4 villages in vicinity, now Russia is bombing" #Hama

The same leader "We lost 98 soldiers from 6 factions, most martyrs due to Russian airstrikes after we entered Kernaz & vicinity, the Regime has no casualties because they withdrew after our first mortar".


   I didn't expect much from the annual "rebels" #Hama  offensive.But the extent of the attack's failure is a surprise. During  the past few years, militants were able to capture much more ground and  stay on the offensiveat least for a couple of days. #Syria


#SAA killed at least 6 commanders for militant groups while repelling #WrathOfGhouta OP in NW #Hama:

1. Muhammad Khattab - #JTS
2. Abu Sariyah Kernaz - JTS
3. Hassan Taleb - Jaish Al-‘Izzah
4. Abu ‘Asriyah - #AAS
5. Hatem Muhammad Ra’don - Jaish Al-Nasr
6. Abu Khattab - AAS


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   Military representatives of Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria held a meeting in Baghdad on Wednesday to coordinate efforts to combat terrorism, Tasnim News reported.


   Iraqi Defense Minister Erfan al-Khiyali visited the headquarters of the 4-party Center for Security Co-operation in Baghdad on Wednesday. At a meeting with representatives of the armed forces of Iran, Russia and Syria at the Center, Hiyali said that Iraq should cooperate with Tehran, Moscow and Damascus for a successful fight against terrorism. The minister also noted that the creation of the 4-sided Center after the invasion of Iraq by the terrorist group ISIS helped the Iraqi army defeat the terrorists and drive them out.


   Military attache of Iran Mostafa Moradyan welcomed the quadrilateral coalition as a successful model of regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism. He also called for joint action against extremist ideologies and sleeping terrorist cells after the breakdown of the self-proclaimed Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.


   In November 2017, the terrorists of ISIS were knocked out of their last stronghold in the Syrian Abu Kemal. The liberation of the city marked the end to the self-proclaimed caliphate of this group, which it announced in 2014.


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