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Syrian conflict.


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Americans did another Zero Dark Thirty shit north of Idlib, together with another choppa down. 

From place of raid:


Choppa that suffered a mechanical problems and was blown up



"Al-Quraishi caused the explosion, killing himself and several family members," the US Department of Defense said in a statement. 








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   MOSCOW, February 18 - RIA Novosti. The Russian military used a modernized version of the Lancet loitering ammunition (kamikaze drone) against terrorists in Syria, capable of carrying a larger warhead, a military-diplomatic source told RIA Novosti.

   "As part of the tests, a new version of the Lancet-3 loitering ammunition was used several times by Russian military units against terrorist positions in Syria," the source said.


   According to him, modernized version of the kamikaze drone "received updated aerodynamics - now it has one large X-shaped wing and X-shaped plumage in the tail, and not two symmetrical X-shaped wings, as before."

   "The new device received increased flight duration and range and is capable of carrying a warhead of increased power," the source added. 

I think we saw those many months ago and was posted here, not sure if this is new modernisation or they just reported it late (18.02.2022 date of the article)

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