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Al-Mukowama aka Hezbollah information thread: only arab (not really arab) army (not really an army) that knows how to fight.

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Well, looking at amount of info that i can get about Al-Mukowama, i decided to make a separate thread about them where we (or just me) will collect information about Al-Mukowama aka Hezbollah aka Isla

Current conflicts where Al-Mukowama is involved (Syria). [WIP]   Intervention        The first information about the presence of "Hezbollah" in Syria appeared in the media in the second half of

Small update in general info. If you have more or correction - feel free to post.


On March 12, 2017 in the south of Aleppo, a Lebanese Resistance soldier died.

- Hussein Mohammed Salim (Tair) 05/25/1994 From Aytita, Tire district in Southern Lebanon.
Fragmentation wound of the head. That day on the bulldozer he worked on making defensive embankments. After completing the task, he went to the location of unit but got under the shelling of the militants.







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   On the morning of April 2, as a result of the mortar shelling by the Nusra militants of one of the army bases in the Flitas Mountains in West Qalamoun, an officer of the Lebanese Resistance was killed




- Qasim Ghazi Maatuk (Jawad al-Moussavi) 11/02/1984. From the Western Syrah, the Nabatiyah region in Nabatiya.
   A participant in the fighting in the area of Seyyid Zeynab, East Ghouta (in autumn of 2013), 1st and 2nd Qalamoun operations, Zabadani, Aleppo (2015 and autumn 2016), participated as an adviser in the 1st and 2nd liberation of Palmyra.


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Hezbollah stresses that Russia will not leave: the explosion will not be able to disrupt its counter-terrorism efforts.
   Hezbollah condemned the terrorist bombing on Monday, which occurred in the metro of the Russian city of St. Petersburg and touched dozens of civilians, and expressed condolences to the Russian leadership, the families of the deceased and all Russians in connection with the tragic incident.
   In his statement Hezbollah pointed out that the explosion is an episode in a series of terror that threatens the whole world and occurs in Russia, Syria and elsewhere.
   This confirms the need for unified global measures against terrorists, as well as their sponsors, advocates and ideologists, for their crimes, the statement said.
Hezbollah also stressed the position of the Russian state and people during this tragedy, which "can not weaken the decision of Russia to resist all forms of terror."


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That's nice of Hezbollah to show their take over of an outpost that was already abandoned as part of the disengagement. They're just shooting randomly in the air, and that RPG sure isn't going to do anything to the hundreds of tons of concrete walls and bunkers of that outpost. Especially after most of it was demolished already with mines.

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On the morning of May 12, 2017, during the battles for the liberation of the Al-Mushirfa area in the mountains of Jabal al-Shumariyah in eastern Homs, two Lebanese advisers were killed:

- Hussein Sami Rashid (Al-Haj Baker), born in 1982. From Majdal Zun, Tir region in Southern Lebanon.
- Ali Mohamed Beyz (Abu Hassan Bilal) from Mashghara, the district of Western Bekaa in the province of Bekaa.








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On 25.03.2017 at 10:27 PM, LoooSeR said:


At least 1 Al-Muqowama member/advisor participated in repelling of Takhrir Ash-Sham attack on Qoumhana village in Northen Hama province.


From this video:






Al-Muqowama advisors:




On the left in this pic







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June 01, 2017, during "fulfilling a military duty" in the desert near Palmyra 4 members of Hezbollah and Al-Mukowama were KIA. No futher information was made public.





- Mustafa Fuad Khanagul (Zulfikar), born in 1989 From Arabsalim, Nabatiyah region in Nabatiyah. The son of Sheikh Fuad Khanagul, a municipal official of the 1st district.
- Ali Ahmed Jafar (Valaa), born in 1979. From Tire, Tire district in Southern Lebanon.
- Qasim Muhammad Ali Abd al-Asmar (Demoy), born 1992. From Adaia, the area of Marge-Ayyun in Nabatiyah.
- Nasser Ibrahim al-Ali (Taha), born in 1978. From Shakra, the Bint Jbeil district in Nabatiye.

stolen from Hort, Otvaga forum.


Reported that this is their car


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