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     Crew hatches are not very thin, which means they offer some level of protection. Although, Merkava Siman 4 have thicker crew hatches. Also, hull roof is spaced with unknown material between external and internal layers. I hope they will increase protection of hatches and roof overall.


Merkava 4 hatches (2006 model of the Merk 4).


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From certain comrade at otvaga forum.


"About capsule.

  Even students were drawing them in 80s)))



          - protect crew from splinters from penetration, fuel fire and ammunition fires...

          - possibility of effective fire suppression/extinguishing without the risk of killing the crew.

          - сreation of comfortable conditions ..


Shortcomings, such as:

                   - complexity of access to parts and aggregates inside of the machine

                   - A person needs to work [there] and living space. Claustrophobia)))

                   - no "sense of community" members of the crew. ..

     All this is true for the old layouts when everything was crammed in one volume [space].


     Today - vehicle is partitioned [sectioned]. There is no fuel in crew compartment, no ammunition. There is comfortable, well protected working and living space for whole crew, with the conveniently placed control aggregates and management systems.

     This design solves the problem of protecting and ensuring the crew work space and has no past deficiencies.

     Serious disadvantage - reduced overall "density" of layout. But, given the modern means of protection and [engine] power, designers decided to do this. Dimensions of the vehicle are not small."




"    About the roof. It is THICK. And double [spaced]. Top, then a gap, it is possible to cram something there...)))

Anything that gets in above UFP module (from the camera unit and higher) will go into the body of the roof.

Anything that gets in the side above of protection modules - will hit body of the roof. "Deflectors" at upper side will detonate HEAT ahead of time.

Hatches -  layered. Protect from EFPs and similar from upper hemisphere. From serious "roofhitters" it certainly will not save, but this is not necessary. For hatches. [There are] unlikely [to be hit].


     Traditional weak spots - eliminated. ....[skipped].... Once said about merging reactive and ballistic protect..."


Unrelated to posts, UFP external schematics.



2 hatches visible, on left - driver, right hatch is commnader's exit. between them you can see one small periscope for a gunner.

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Some more:



Boomerang APC


Kurganets-25 IFV. One block of side armor have a cut-out section for videocamera.


Active protection system launchers are covered by canvas, 4 those launchers are mounted on UFP.


APC based on Kurganets-25 B-11 chassis. I think this vehicle will replace some APCs like MT-LB, some BTRs and partially old BMPs.





Driver is in the center, while T-14 have driver in the left part of vehicle. It looks like Armata chassis was developed not fast enough for SPG to be made on top of it.

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PDN_5587.jpgBigger picture of the T-14. Note a small box mounted on UFP - this is observation camera unit. Another thing that catches my eye is antenna in front of the big boxy device on top of the turret - this fact may suggest that this box is not a AA HMG RCWS, as some people believe.



T-15 Heavy IFV, with full ERA and visible parts of acitve protection system "Afganit", mounted on vehicle sponsons.





I don't know why UFP of that SPG looks so thick. ERA?


Boomerang APC with more exposed parts.





A detail between second and 3rd wheels is just a box for crew stuff, AFAIK it is not connected to internal hull space.





Rear door build in ramp, rear optics and 2 cameras, one of which is looking down, more observation cameras mounted on top of the side armor in one module. Water propellers mean that this APC did not lost amphibious abilities of the BTR-80 vehicles. This APC look well protected for it's weight.


Kurganets-25 IFV.


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Observation camera units. 




Some sort of mounting/attachments points, or i am seeing more than actually is there.



Boomerang model with unmanned turret, similar to Kurganets-25 IFV and T-15 TBMP turrets/weapon modules. 30 mm 2A42, 4 Kornet-M ATGMs.



You can see this APC model on that photo:





Boomerang and other APCs.


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0_130368_9c8a8841_orig.jpgKurganets-25 APC.




Frontal and side-looking observation cameras are visible. Also, side armor have a cut-out section for driver's periscope/optics, looking to the left. Tracks have new rubbers pads.




Kurganets APC, with part of turret visible. It looks like smoke grenade launchers, or they could be part of APS. Side armor module have only one "cut out" section, for camera only. 


Same vehicle, another angle:



I think that this 2 shot launcher is just for smoke grenades.



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