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Models and pictures of Soviet MBT designs from 80s. Object 477A, Object 490 Buntar and Object 299.


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    I think 4 tracks are for better performance when hit by a mine - frontal tracks are small, and if you lose one, tank can continue to move forward (with partial lose of speed) or backwards (to repair), center of mass is shifted little bit to the rear of this vehicle to help with that further.       But this is my view, don't known about designers rationalization behind this layout.

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That's a really badass looking embiggend S-Tank. :P


What's the purpose of 4 tracks?  Wouldn't that raise ground pressure higher?


Yep; it would raise the ground pressure because of less contact area with the ground.


I think it's the same idea as some US designs from the 1950s; if you lose one track to a mine, you can keep going with the other one.


The US four-tracked design also had a huuuuuuuegggg turret ring that sort of spilled out into the gap between the front and rear tracks.

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Polish-made picture of the Object 477A, claimed to be baised on real schematics.

Driver is sitting between 2 autoloaders, which feed a single autoloader in the middle of the hull, between gunner and commander.


Thank you very much!
It is perfectly consistent with the picture.
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It would be great if somebody cleared what vehicle was called Object 490 and what was 477A. There is no accurate info about those tanks.


Something more about "490A (Buntar'/"Rebel")".


"In 1982 it was decided to use 3-man crew. Tank had externally mounted main gun, driver was located at left part of hull, to the right from here there was 1290 litres fuel tank. COmmander was located to the left from gun, above [?] gunner" 

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490 - tank crew in the turret (1980-1985)

490A - "Rebel" (photo of model of this tank i posted before from Tarasenko's site) (1983-1985)

490B - Unknown, possibly a rough draft of the Belka ("squirrel") project;

477 - first "Boxer", then became Molot ("Hammer") (1985-1989)

477A - Molot, redesigned to accept 3 drums with ammunition (1987-1990)

477A1 - "Nota", fully completed (1991-1993)

477A2 - "Nota", the tank is not completed (1993)


Sort of like that.

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About photo above

"that is actual 490[A] prototype, it could drive. It is unlikely that it could shoot. At the moment when we stopped working on it, FCS and autoloader were not finished. Redesign of suspension was planned, tank should have variants with completely external cannon [?]. Only 1 engine was considered - 6TD+. And about 10 years difference - nonsense. Programs to create a future MBT in Kharkov in Tagil were almost simultaneously started."

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    Object 477 ammoracks and fuel tank. Fuel tank is in the front, ammunition is between engine and turret, autoloader is in turret with 8 rounds in it (AFAIK), which is replenished automatically from main ammorack.

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Those new photos of Soviet future MBTs, that left in Ukraine are leaked again and again! This time we have "Molot" prototype and schematics of the Molot's suspension.



Turret is turned away from camera, what we see is turret rear.

Note ERA on Molot (Hammer), this mean that Molot was designed later than Object 490A Buntar'. Look at driver's hatch, it is pretty well armored against top-attack weapons. Somebody can think that frontal part on T-14 is similar to Molot frontal armor, but it will be a mistake - Armata frontal armor layout is based on Object 299 and 195's.

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