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Kurganets-25 mock-up with new turret based on BMP-3's turret.



Hatches on top of this turret suggest that it is/was planned to carry shots for 100 mm gun-launcher, ammunition for 30mm autocannon, and maybe MG too.


Seems very Western-looking. And here I am talking about how IFVs are dumb...

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Older picture of T-14, from official presentation of programm.


Turret looks very similar to Object 195's turret, active protection system located in the same place (near turret ring), gun mounted in same way, as it was in Object 195, and general looks of turret is close to Object 195's turret minus 30 mm co-axial autocannon. 


Possible layout of the T-14 frontal armor:


Blue is crew protected "capsule", while red is additional armor that creates spaced armor effect. T-15 Heavy IFV use that layout, BTW.


Koalitsiya-SV, SU-100, T-34-85s, Kurganets IFV, Rakushka APC for VDV, Typhoon-Y MRAPs, etc.




wrUiZLrJWQM.jpgKurganets frontal part managed to get into that photo.

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This article have several mistakes.


1)The T-14 use diesel engine, X-shaped, 12-cylinder engine.

2) There is no confirmation that T-14 have 30 mm autocannon, or 12.7 HMG. The Object 195 had 30 mm 2A42 Shipunov's work horse.

3) Export is not very likely to be priority for 5-6 years after this year. Those years would be used to "cure" T-14 from problems, connected to creation of new design.

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And i thought that leaks are over...



At second minute of this video Kurganets can be seen moving, at minute 7 - Koalitsiya SPG, and in the end (13:16) you will see a new Boomerang APC!


8tXfIe0.jpgKurganets-25 (note a different turret, i don't think it is an IFV) have similar size to the BMP-3. So Kurganets ~= BMP-3 (at least in height). Also those "holes" in frontal part of side armor are just steps for crew to get to their hatches.



Different turret? I don't see a 30 mm autocannon. Compare it to that Kurganets:



Turret is bigger, and there are those active protection system parts (allegedly), mounted on hull roof neat turret (under canvas), which i don't see on previous picture.


Answer in simple - there are 2 vehicles on B-11 Kurganets-25 chassis. First is tracked APC, Object 693. Here it is:



And here is IFV based on B-11 Kurganets-25 chassis, Object 695:


Turret is give away.



And some new toy:


This is not BTR-70/80/90, judging by wheels, hull shape, turret placement and turret size. And no side doors.



Those new wheeled APCs are VPK-7829 "Boomerang" vehicles. Apparently, "spotters" were so bussy with T-14, that they managed to not notice those things until this day. Drivers locations suggest that there is engine compartment right next to them, very similar to BMP-1/2.




Rear doors, and note where this guys are siting - if it was old BTR-80, it would be engine compartment. 

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hu1nf.pngSomebody made this, vehicles are roughly at same distance from cameraman.



Kurganets-25 hull have very similar height to SU-100, lol.




Those are either cameras for crew, or active protection system parts (launcher and radars), or both.


Size comparison between BTR-82A and Boomerang APCs.




Of course, it is rough comparison.

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%25D0%2591%25D0%25A0%25D0%259C+%25D0%259Possible looks of the Kurganets-25 APC (Object 693), although this picture shows B-11 Kurganets-25 - based reconnaissance vehicle. 



This is possible unmanned turret of the Object 693 (B-11 Kurganets-25 chassis based APC) and Boomerang.

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T-14 and Leo 2A6.



Also, rollers are much more visible at new video, and they are indeed from T-80. You can compare:


T-80BV in St. Petersburg.




Even number of bolts is the same - 10 per each roller.


      So they are 670 mm rollers, which means that my own previous estimation is wrong, and estimation from BMPD LJ comments by one reader is correct (~8.5-8.6 meters long hull with APU, tracks contact surface is ~5.2 meters long, turret is possibly ~4.5 meters long (without gun, with unknown "box" behind that look like T-90MS-like turret basked). 




    For some reason turret of the T-14 from new video looks wider than from "old". I still don't know what is this giant thing on top of this turret, can be combination of RCWS and commander panoramic sight, or it can be a device similar to Object 195's sight system. There are rumors that a "box"/turret rear is T-90MS-like ammunition box. I really hope that it is not true, or it was seriously improved.


   Object 195's unknown divece on top of the unmanned turret:


     Note size of this thing.


     T-90MS turret ammunition compartment:






        Yeah, it is just a stupid box with ammunition for a main gun. Reasons why it is there, where crew can't get it from inside of tank? Vodka, of course!




     And here is RCWS with commander panoramic sight. This thing could be mounted on top of the T-14.

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We can see the suspension even better now, and I'm still sure we're looking at some kind of rotary damper on the end wheels of a torsion bar system

2 pages ago i posted a post from otvaga, that says that those are rotary shock absorbers (sort of), they are used to control suspension.

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If anybody is interested, heavy IFV T-15 would be Russian "version" of that vehicle:








Namer heavy IFV/APC with Samson RCWS (unmanned turret with 30 mm cannon, 2 ATGMs and external ammunition). Sounds very much like T-15's specs, lol.

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Interesting double-layered sideskirt design.  Reminiscent of the old British conqueror heavy tank.  The inner layer looks like it's rubber, but perhaps with some sort of metal sandwiched inside like on the leo 1's sideskirts.


Why are there what look like sideways-folding hinges on some of the outer sideskirts?  Surely they haven't brought back the weird folding side armor from the early T-72!

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Interesting double-layered sideskirt design.  Reminiscent of the old British conqueror heavy tank.  The inner layer looks like it's rubber, but perhaps with some sort of metal sandwiched inside like on the leo 1's sideskirts.


Why are there what look like sideways-folding hinges on some of the outer sideskirts?  Surely they haven't brought back the weird folding side armor from the early T-72!


I think it's just rubber to keep the dust down - looking at how it's bending I'd be surprised if there was steel in there. Like on the SPG

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Current side skirts are placeholders IMO. T-90MS side skirts were much more substantial. If you look at side parts of T-14 you will see big amount of shit metal used to improve "looks" of a tank, rather than protection (side skirts don't reach upper part of hull), 




Skirt covers a whole side of the hull height, only less protected at engine compartment.

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One of reasons why unmanned turret have advantages over classical tank designs:



      In short: those graphics shows increased number of turret hits from 1967 to 1990s. 74% of total hits were turret hits. This pic also shows distribution of those hits by height. "Latest" graphic shows that area of a tank higher between 1.5-1.8 meter and ~2.3-2.5 meter is most likely to be hit, while parts located lower than 1.5-1.8 meters are unlikely to be damaged by enemy fire.



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