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  1. Side view of Europanzer, a failed Franco-German tank project, predecessor to the Leopard 1 and AMX-30. Same tank that Zuk posted.
  2. According to this guy, that wrong call already came. Thoughts @Alzoc? Also, does anyone have a link to the new directive he is talking about in this video?
  3. So we are not phasing out the old M113 in the near future?
  4. Won't having two different platforms cost more in the long run?
  5. So anything from SMGs, automatic pistols, assault rifles, HMGs?
  6. Visegrad group is certainly working on that part, being a huge thorn in the EU's back.
  7. Not sure if anyone has posted this: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=a9Xm2_1527726253 Can't manage to embed it. It is a video of the parkland shooter planning his attack. I think it is pretty easy to see what motivates school shooters.
  8. If you are referring to me, then my point was not to defend against Russia, just to simply ease up the growing pressure from the EU and NATO on Russia. For North Europe, Turkey and the middle east is not really relevant.
  9. Here in Norway we have a famous case of a woman going on a nacht (after party, party) with 2-3 other guys and getting high on MDMA. They had intercourse, and the woman later accused them of rape. This case got huge media coverage. The media and the people siding with the woman. The court found the men not guilty however. The woman did not like the verdict and doxed the men. This caused them to receive a massive wave of harassment and being forced to isolate themselves. They got their life ruined. Which is why the identity of the person is protected.
  10. Does this actually have to do with protection, or is it just for fashion? Because I feel a lot of armored car producers try to make their vehicles cool over practical in some cases:
  11. Does the vehicle have a reason to look so funky?
  12. There is really no point in having a transmission for a series hybrid electric tank. The PWM motor controller works as the gearbox, the gearbox would only cause a drop in efficiency and take up considerable space. All motors should be geared, as it is more efficient than adding poles to reduce the RPM and increase the torque. This is accomplished by the final drive. For wheeled death traps, it can be a pretty huge thing. Being able to remove the drive shafts under the crew compartment would mean a much lower vehicle. Being able to move the motors outside the chassis and inside
  13. I guessed it was Volvo Penta, since they had produced engines for tanks in the past, IKV 90 for example. The CB90 and CV90 shares engines by the way, as a example. But a Renault engine makes a lot more sense.
  14. I am curious, why do we see so many tanks in cities?
  15. "This obligation of mutual defence is binding on all EU countries. However, it does not affect the neutrality of certain EU countries and is consistent with the commitments of EU countries which are NATO members." I believe this is why Sweden signed it. Not sure what this line entails, but the only way of not affecting the neutrality of a nation, is that they can't promise to help. I am honestly not sure what the British were thinking with the "Norway model". They won't really get to take advantage of leaving the EU without another model. Unless they wanted to reduce immi
  16. I am honestly very skeptical of the European Union. I love the idea, but it has several weaknesses that I can't ignore. Why hasn't anyone considered Sweden or Finland? Sweden has always been strictly neutral (ignoring their trade of course). They refused to join NATO, so why would they approve a European Army Alliance? Most EU members are a part of NATO, which are obliged to help any other member that is attacked. I assume the same would be for a European Alliance. This would break one of Sweden's core policies. Same goes for Finland, which will not join NATO, unless Sweden does, a
  17. Yes, it was what I was thinking. But wouldn't the electric motor give a much faster spool up time? Also, hooking it up the the main battery of the vehicle, it could use excess energy to power the motors, or use regenerative breaking the power equipment. Not necessarily, combining the power of the electric motor, with zero turbolag would be the best. Idea was to eliminate turbolag. But a electric compressor is also a great way of getting short bursts of power. What about a electrically assisted hyperbar turbo engine, with a electric star
  18. Just out of curiosity, doesn't hybrids with electrically assisted turbochargers make the hyberbar engine obsolete?
  19. I was thinking about the fact that filling the wheels with water would reduce the effectiveness of the wheels, and the sandbags would weigh down the vehicle. Also about the psychological part, if the troops feel safe, then it is good enough makeshift measure. Reminds me of how the Norwegian Armed Forces used to sometimes fill the empty cavity in the doors of their cars with sand for extra bullet protection in the middle east.
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