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  1. On 17th November Hungarian AF evaluated L-39NG in flight with their pilots trying both seats. http://www.aero.cz/cz/o-nas/media/tiskove-zpravy/l-39ng-na-hodnoticich-letech-v-madarsku/
  2. Azeri Dana-M1 damaged possibly by counter battery fire. Source: https://vk.com/milinfolive?z=photo-123538639_457499285%2Falbum-123538639_00%2Frev
  3. Houthis hit Saudi Aramco oil storage facility in Jeddah, allegedly by two cruise missiles.
  4. Armenian double Iskander launch. However they claim to use two of them on Shushi on 7th November. I don't see why to use SRBM on a target which is so close that it can be easily hit by basically anything including mortars or even AGS...
  5. Polish border guard took two new L-410 patrol planes equiped with 360° radar and optical EO/IR gimball. Photos here: https://www.idnes.cz/technet/technika/l-410-polska-pohranicni-straz-letoun-kunovice-pzl-m-20-mewa.A201118_122125_vojenstvi_erp/foto/ERP877e8a_01_L410_Polsko.jpg
  6. Azeri T-72 damaged by a landmine (most likely).
  7. Footage emerged from Agdam after Azeri forces took it yesterday per the armistice conditions. The town is basically all flattened. As far as I understand that is not a result of current war but of the summer 1993 battle after which it was never rebuilt (this town was part of Azerbaijan territory not of Nagorno Karabakh and its population of 50 thousand was all Azeri at that time). Azeri crocodiles in action.
  8. An interesting support ship of Iranian navy but it looks to me like they more or less just put everything they could on a modified cargo ship. I can't see how they could deploy those speedboats, the AShM would need guidance from another platform (the drones may be able to provide it) and the 3-Khordad SAM without target acquisition radar is very limited in capability.
  9. Beer

    UAV thread

    Iranian Mohajer-6 UCAV for Venezuela.
  10. Azeri BM-11 destroyed in Nagorno Karabakh. Possibly made in Pakistan instead of North Korea.
  11. None of the pictures is visible. You can't directly link attachments from other forums.
  12. Mi-8 wreckage. Not clear whose it was.
  13. What a wonderfull world where people post on the internet pictures of another country's president being seen through their sniper scope...
  14. Any infomration already out how will the Azeris supply Schusha whne they don't have any road leading there?
  15. That doesn't look like ordinary FAB to me because those don't produce slow-burning fireballs. Ok about the definition of carpet bombing, yet even a salvo bombing is very rare thing from VKS except for the few Tu-22M3 raids.
  16. A very rare example of carpet bombing from Idlib few days ago (on alleged HTS training camp). Is that ODABs?
  17. More photos of the EIRS Early Warning Radar shown uppon. One particularly interesting thing for me (not that much for others I guess) is that the chassis is Tatra 815-7 built in Turkey by Anadolu Savunma.
  18. ... with a massive warhead still in place.
  19. Anna news video from the battle of Shusha. Very grim video showing the true ugly face of the war and not the internet one...
  20. They seem to buy everything which worked in the current NKR conflict.
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