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  1. Does anyone have any sources talking about the reliability of the Leclerc’s V8X-1500 engine? I’ve read supposed claims without sources stating they had horrendous reliability in their early variants.
  2. Thank you for the in-depth answer Sturgeon. I just recently heard about this and wondered about it for some time. Owning a handgun I feel is especially necessary for where I live due to the pretty bad criminal activity that goes on. I do own a shotgun I purchased but if I ever had to use it at home which is a situation I do feel could very well happen, it won’t be convenient and could hamper me actually dealing with the situation. I’ve actually had multiple instances in the past few months where I’ve been threatened and chased and almost attacked by random people in public and something like t
  3. So after doing some sluething on my state laws, I discovered some pretty major loopholes in handgun ownership for those under 21 (I’m 19) From what I’ve gathered and from what I’ve been told by those I know in law enforcement and those currently serving in the military, I can legally own a handgun and actually carry the handgun in my vehicle even though I’m not 21 due to some loopholes in handgun and firearm ownership laws. What would be a good starter handgun to buy as my first handgun? I would like to buy one now and then get my CCW and use that handgun for when I’m legally allowe
  4. I’m looking forward to his Inside The Hatch Video on the M1A1, hope he does one of the M60 there as well.
  5. Yeah the Osorio was a extremely impressive vehicle from a company like them. It’s really sad that certain vehicles like that and the AMX-40 for example never take off.
  6. I think a Abrams with a Burlak style turret setup would be pretty interesting. I’ve never seen them put armor on the front of the turret before.
  7. I bet she’ll feel really spoiled when her Water Pump fails, her camshaft takes a shit, or when her air suspension fails.
  8. I watched 15 minutes of that movie and my eyes started to bleed. That movie has to be the most pitiful laughing stock of military films in the past 5 years for the most horrible CGI and animation. It passed American Sniper by miles in my book for pathetic attempts.
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