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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down


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   Another tests of Russian anti-missile interceptor


   In Kazakhstan, at the Sary-Shagan training ground of the Strategic Missile Forces, the combat crew of the air and anti-missile defense forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces successfully conducted another test launch of a new missile of the Russian anti-missile defense system 


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Here is a video series about the Soviet Homeland air defense systems.

The first two episodes were released on Binkov's Battleground channel, this is the 3rd.

(Links are in the video description).


There isn't any air defense topic so I opened here.

I guess air defense is aviation related.


The series will include the following systems.


SA-1 / S-25 Berkut (done)

SA-2A,B,F / Sa-75 Dvina,

SA-2C + SA-2E / S-75 Desna + S-75M Volkhov (done)

SA-3 / S-125 Neva

SA-5 / S-200 Angara, Vega, Dubna

SA-10A&B, SA-20, SA-21 /S-300PT&PS, S-300PMU1/2, S-400



Following these can come the IADS equipment (Vektor, Senhez, etc) and US SAMs, Nike + BOMARC, HAWK and PATRIOT.


The whole army air defense of the USSR + WPAC is a different topic which also will be presented. ;)




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   Stolen from otvaga, some info on Pantsir-S1M



And this pic shows same type of info for previous version - Pantsir-S1.




   M version have 2 main type of missiles (small ones vs drones looks like were not put into this PR material) vs 1 on previous model. 

  • 57E6-E is standart AA missile with solid fuel booster and HE-frag rod-type warhead. 
  • 57E6M-E is new one, longer range and "kinetic effect warhead".

   I guess they made booster bigger and missile itself smaller on 57E6M-E.

   Radar station for target detection ("SOTs") have similar perfomances on S1 and S1M - up to 40 targets can be tracked, electronic 2 axis scanning, IFF. 

   Multifunctional target tracking and missile guidance radar ("MRLS") on M version is a bit better, it can guide up to 4 missiles vs 4 targets, while S1 was able to guide same amount of missiles vs 3 targets in the same time.

   Optical system on M also was improved. On both Pantsirs it can search for targets and track them automatically withouth limit on target altitude, automatically track and guide AA missile, but M version got additional optics for visible light (not IR only on S1) and laser rangefinder.


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   Soviet "Kolos" 7 barrel early AA rocket launcher from mid-late 60s, based on late WW2 German designs (like Luftfaust-B).


   Fired a salvo of 7 30 mm caliber unguided rockets, was planned to be used against helicopters. Creation was sparked by heavy use of helicopters by US in Vietnam. Designers from KBM were tasked with creation simple and easy to use AA weapon for 1 or 2 soldiers crew. Kolos lost to Strela-2 MANPADS in trials.







   Barrels of Kolos were aimed at slightly different directions from center line of the weapon to increase probability of hit. Rockets were loaded into special case at the factory and wwere loaded as a block into tube, reducing load/reload time. Rockets were pushed out of weapon at speed of 100 m/s, and after about 20 meters main solid fuel rocket engine was ignited, increasing speed to 560 m/s.

   Kolos was 9.2 kg weapon (without rockets), 7 NRS-30 rockets in a block weight was 5.3 kg. Crew of 2 was supposed to carry 1 Kolos + 2 blocks of rockets for number 1 and number 2 carried 4 blocks of rockets, up to 23 kg weight per each soldier of the crew.


   During tests NRS-30 were able to penetrate 10 mm of armor at 60 degrees at 500 meters, which allowed NRS-30 to be used against light vehicles at ranges of up to 2 km.

   Firing at a helicopter, hovering at 500 meters range and 500 meters altitude Kolos shown 14% chance of hit. Moving target at same range/altitude was harder to hit - 4% chance.


   Price of production of Kolos launcher was 36 rubles (1kg of sugar cost 1 ruble), rocket block cost close to a launcher - 31.80 rubles. Low cost of a weapon allowed to quickly produce big amount of Koloses and also cut down on requirements for a soldier that used it (and training time). Also Kolos could be used against ground targets. Soviet military lose interest to this weapon after Strela-2 adoption.

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Photo inside the fire control cabin 92N6A from the S-400 air defense system, during the exercises currently being held in Belarus.


On the screen on the bottom rigt corner we see number of available missiles.

40N6: 0x  missile with a range of 400 km

48N6: 12x with range 150 km

48N6P-01: 8x with 200 km range

48N6DM : 18x with range 250 km 




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