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European Union common defense thread

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9 hours ago, Donward said:

I believe Loooser is talking about the Soviets pulling out of the Warsaw Pact countries a couple years before the whole Soviet Union broke up, implying that the US would break apart as a Federal republic after it leaves NATO.


@Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect


I’m not disparaging the notion of the country breaking apart. It was a fear of our Founding Fathers and almost happened a couple times in our history. But I doubt the political or economic downfall of the US will be brought about by asking that our NATO allies actually fulfill their treaty obligations by contributing to the alliance militarily or financially, a task they’ve shirked now for almost three decades.

   I am not implying that. I sayed that exact same opinion was about Warsaw Pact countries when they left WarPact. Opinion like "fucking traitors, leaving us after we did so much for their military and we brought an order to their countries!" and things like that.

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I assume Germany would the strongest supporter of such a move. I heard they are planning to double their tank force and service a whole platoon.

Spanish ships having trouble floating?  Sounds like they're keeping with the finest traditions of the Armada.

I am curious about how the US could collapse? 


Would a Kaiserreich esc thing happen? 

Pacific States of America, Cascadia, New England, Texas and the US. 


Only thing I could imagine would be a economic collapse that would hit critical mass on the political divide. 


California breaking lose with Washington and Oregon, forming a sort of Pacific States of America, could be a possibility, but they would have to secure a sustainable water source to have a chance. 

Cascadia could declare independence, being isolated from the US by PSA.

New England could break lose with the states between North Carolina and itself. Excluding Washington DC. 

A nationalist Texas movement could take advantage of the situation and break lose and regain their lost territories. 


A invasion from Mexico or Canada would probably be unlikely. Though, if the US lost a war, it could be artificial divided to weaken it. Like the plan for Germany after WWII:



To be honest though, apart from being divided by war, this sound a bit insane. 

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20 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

Trump wanting the EU to spend more on defense does not imply the US will be attacking them. Macron is playing kindergarten games here.


Perhaps they have the social depth of a Neanderthal? “If you are not my friend, the you must be competition, and therefore an enemy”? Wouldn’t surprise me considering “speaking in absolutes” seem to be the fad. 

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Well I agree that a memorial on the end of WW1 wasn't the best moment to do politics and that Macron could have "chosen" his words more carefully but Boi Trump was triggered xD:






Those 4 tweets are an absolute gold mine for meme material^^

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On 7/19/2018 at 6:13 PM, Lord_James said:


The more I look at this, the angrier I get. 


Personally: I would rip out ~60% of US funding (leaving about $250 tril) and let NATO figure out how to pay their own bills. If they can’t, no skin off my back, and maybe that money could be used to pay for stuff over here. 


And, let’s be honest, it’s not like there’s anything threatening Europe that NATO couldn’t (theoretically) handle themselves: the Russians sure as hell cant afford a real fight with NATO, and Turkey isn’t a threat either. Hell, the biggest threat to the EU is themselves and their retarded immigration policies, but that’s nothing a little coup can’t change ;) 

I still haven't forgiven the French for being such cocks about regional wine trademarks (still better than the Australians, though).


Bring it on, I say.

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    • By Collimatrix
      Our good friends and Kremlin-controlled propaganda instruments independent journalists at Southfront have just produced a video about the developing situation in Moldova:

      Moldova is caught in the ongoing power struggle between Russia and the US-led West for control of the former Warsaw Pact.  The US took major strides in expanding its influence with the 1997 addition of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary to NATO, followed seven years later by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria.  The expansion of NATO Eastward was particularly alarming to Russian leadership, and they claim violated an informal agreement they had with the United States that NATO would not expand.
      In the case of Czechoslovakia and Hungary, dissatisfaction with Russia was longstanding, and some Westward gravitation of certain former Warsaw Pact states was inevitable.  The situation in Moldova is more complicated, however, where there is a pro-EU government nominally in control of the government, but a breakway region called Transnistria on the Ukrainian border that prefers closer ties with Russia:

      (I will give Tied a moment or two to wipe away his tears of joy and nostalgia)
      The situation in Transnistria is complicated by the civil war in Ukraine.  Security in Transnistria is overseen by a joint force of Transnistrian, Russian and Moldovan forces.  But Russia is on the other side of Ukraine from Moldova, and Ukraine has disallowed the transit of Russian peacekeeping forces to and from Transnistria.  Additionally, the unclear legal status and porous border between Transnistria and Ukraine has made it an attractive base for gunrunners supplying weapons to the Ukrainian civil war.
      In the rest of Moldova things have not been going swimmingly either.  A gigantic fraud and money laundering scheme has siphoned at least $2 billion from the Moldovan economy over the last ten years, which is enormous in a country with a GDP of less than $8 billion:

      Other forms of corruption are rampant, and the economy remains extremely backward compared to the rest of Europe.  The GDP per capita of Moldova is less than half that of Albania's, for instance, and everyone knows how horrible and backwards Albania is.  It is easy to see why there would be widespread discontent. 
      The European Parliament has demanded that Russia cease its involvement in the growing Moldovan crisis, although exactly how this is supposed to work vis a vis Transnistria and what the hell they think they're going to do when the Russians do not listen is unclear.  The Russian government is following the situation, but it is unclear at this time what their response will be.

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