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The India-Pakistan shitstorm thred.


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8 hours ago, Lord_James said:

I keep on hearing about this mysterious F-16, but haven't seen a shred of evidence of it being downed.  Especially since, supposedly only JF-17s were used in that op.


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Seems all the wreckage fell behind Pakistani lines so they get to control the information on it.  Both sides agree two planes went down but disagree on if it was a wipe or a tie.  


I have only seen evidence of one downed Mig-21.


Until i see otherwise I am going to assume the Mig was tailing something into the Pakistani side. It got shot down in the process but maybe it got a kill before it went down.





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This may turn out to be very significant:



Washington wants to know if Pakistan used U.S.-built jets to down Indian warplane

ISLAMABAD/SRINAGAR, India (Reuters) - The United States said on Sunday it was trying to find out if Pakistan used U.S.-built F-16 jets to down an Indian warplane, potentially in violation of U.S. agreements, as the stand-off between the nuclear-armed Asian neighbours appeared to be easing.


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Pakistan found a sub:



Looks like a snorkelling SSK (note the splashing behind the masts), which isn't the hardest thing to find. They're trying to imply it's a scorpene, but the reference images provided don't look like a great match (the masts appear to be more side-by-side on the scorpene, whereas the sub detected looks to have them in a line). I'd guess it's a kilo, so only an 80's vintage 877 design but still capable of launching cruise missiles

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