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Another scam of Mai_Waffentrager


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Disappeared for a long period, Mai_Waffentrager reappeared four months ago. 

This time, he took out another photoshoped artifact. 


He claimed that the Japanese prototype 105GSR (105 mm Gun Soft Recoil) used an autoloader similar to Swedish UDES 19 project. Then he showed this pic and said it came from a Japanese patent file. 

Well, things turn out that it cames from Bofors AG's own patent, with all markings and numbers wiped out. 


original file→https://patents.google.com/patent/GB1565069A/en?q=top+mounted+gun&assignee=bofors&oq=top+mounted+gun+bofors

He has not changed since his Type 90 armor scam busted. Guys, stay sharp and be cautious. 


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It is true that Mai took the image from a Japanese patent. But, The conclusion is wrong


This patent has been registered worldwide. And that patent has nothing to do with The Japan Steel Works who built the 105GSR turret. That patent is just for BOFORS AB


He did not provide any evidence that patent was related to the 105GSR. 


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