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Fishers reintroduced into Washington State.




Stocky, with dark-brown plush fur, fishers are related to mink, otter, badger, wolverine and marten. They are about the size of a cat and have a long, bushy tail, tiny round ears, short legs and a low-to-the-ground carriage as they move.


Native to the forests of Washington, fishers prey on small mammals, from mountain beavers to squirrels and snowshoe hare. They are one of the few animals capable of eating a porcupine.


That's one vicious little murder machine if you can eat a porcupine.


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Hippies ruin everything XXXVIII


Toxicants on marijuana farm threaten weasel communities



Fishers, or mid-sized weasels, can be found in two areas of California: the southern Sierra Nevada and in northern California. Recently, there has been a cultivation of numerous illegal marijuana grow sites close to the natural habitats of the fishers, which are subsequently wiping out the population due to use of rodenticides.  

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Serial ferret killings higher than ever...




also, this article demonstrates more hippy idiocy... 


"All serial killers “started with animals,” she says. “It’s a documented fact."


"One indignant writer argued via e-mail that the ferret deaths should have evoked the same outrage as if a similar number of preschoolers had been murdered at a day-care center."


"Smith equates the ferret deaths with coming home and finding that some fiend had killed “your entire family."


"Why does society draw “the line between two-legged and four-legged?” asks Serena Kilmer. “A life’s a life."


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