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Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.


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Undisputable evidence of Russian aggression against the Mighty and Unified Independent State of Ukraine! Behold these vehicles personally blessed by Ramzan Kadyrov when issued to GRU GSh FSB GIBDD special forces!




First we have... A CAR




And if this doesn't convince you... a T-64 tank! This is for sure a Russian T-64 tank taken straight from Putinist spetsnaz and not from factory storage, just as the freshly painted track section would suggest!




The rebels are known for having a surplus of Grads, right? Anyway, here's one that's definitely one of theirs for sure.




A BTR-80 with identification markings conveniently spraypainted over. It was probably the insignia of the top secret Russian antigravity hovercraft unit.




A ZiL-131 with original Soviet QA markings and storage covers, 100% not just from the warehouse at all.




A Ukrainian seal on the fuel tanks is a sure sign of Russian aggressors!




A bunch of boxes with any identifying markings burned off? Must be the work of FSB KGB saboteurs!




And finally some shot down drones without any visible damage.




And of course, personal belongings! New medals (can't lose the box, they're worth more on eBay this way), unused patches, and passports (gotta bring your passport when you invade a country, otherwise they won't let you cross the border! No such thing as military identification in Mother Russia, no sirree)





As you can see, the Ukraine is completely overrun by Kadyrov's own Chechen spetsnaz and only the brave and fearless and not fascist at all volunteer battalions of the national guard can resist them!

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We in America have no way of disproving the idea that Russian media is full of shit, which means it's likely full of shit.

What's obvious is that without a doubt the Ukrainian media is full of about an order of magnitude more shit.

Well, they already managed to destroy 3 Armata tanks, so there is no way they can lie to anybody!



You see, there is 2 Russian tanks that Ukrainian forces destroyed!

From 0:50 TSN shows Georgian T-72SIM in 2008 South Ossetia war


0:57 is from airsoft game in 2013 in Russia, IIRC WG was part of this game.





Adidas is supplying Ukr army with T-64s!






Mr3CdN8.jpgAPFSDS hit?


5UZgalK.jpgRebels T-72s, one was hit to the side, another, AFAIK, was immobilized by a mine. Also, waiting for screams about Kadyrov personally leading rebels, just look at frist guy. Very Chechen.

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Ukrainian cyborg catches enemy shell, tries to throw it back, but it exploded in his hand and injured him. If the Ukrainians have men that can catch shells in mid air and not die from a point-blank explosion, then I guess they don't really need tanks.


Edit: another cyborg




"The tank drove over me, and then came back, and drove over me again"


And then he spent an hour lying under it with broken bones and he's still alive!

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Ukrainian MRAPs by 'KRAZ' (not exactly - they just put their logos on those things).



Those vehicles are used by Ukrainian army and National Guards (Spartan in the middle and Koguar on the right are in active use), produced by Streit Group. Not very good MRAPs.








Home made protected cars. Reminds me of this:





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2014, autumn. Shells were produced in 1979, according to serial numbers. IDK which side is on that photo.





Ukrainian sailors.


One of volunteers- made MRAPs. Looking not bad.



BTR-3E in use by Azov neo-nazi regiment.




BTR-4 and Koguar MRAP.



Poroshenko and KRAZ 'made' MRAPs.



KRAZ Spartan.

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10984529_781043321985776_346925906433599Azov got new toys. Note RCWS on those Spartans, never saw a single Spartan with this RCWS on army-used Spartans.



RCWS "Sarmat":



2 ATGMs (similar to "Korsar" infantry ATGM), module can use RK-2S and RK-3 missiles (RK-2S is heavier with tandem warhead, 130 mm caliber, can pen about 700-800 mm of steel and max range of 5 km, while RK-3 is lighter, 107 caliber missile for ranges less than 2.5 km). Sarmat is produced in Kiev by "Luch".






One of those Spartans was later captured in combat by Ossetians.


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Rebels. "Hello from Demon", this is Igor "Bes" (Demon) Bezler's unit.




Note tactical marks.




Ukrainian T-64BM1M for Kongo. 



Qi6zK.jpgOne block of ERA is opened to allow driver to get out of vehicle. 


I think i should start to write about perfomance of Ukrainian tanks in that war, since active war stage is over, at least for some time.

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Side ERA was hit, big part of ERA was lost.


original.jpgUFP filler is visible.






original.jpgT-64BM Bulat.





Mn4VWusFTmU.jpgPossible Ukrainian T-72 left in Debaltsevo.


p1scfNrgIkc.jpgBetter picture of 3 rebels T-64BVs that lost tracks because of mines during assault on Uglegorsk. Tanks are from Demon's ("Bes") unit.




After rebels took Uglegorsk. Same tanks.


vjAGu_kxnC4.jpgRebels and 2 T-72s.


4fYZM_X8mrk.jpgPicture was made after that assault. This is KMT mineclearing device that can be attached to T-64/72/80/90. 

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