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Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Photos Thread (Tied's Upvote Farm)


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Since non of the hunks here can think of a good name, there you go


But if the title dosent grap your attention i hope this will






Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF), (海軍特別陸戦隊- Kaigun Tokubetsu Rikusentai) were basically the Japanese marines. Osprey has a good book on them for cheaps


And yes, those are Mp-18s, and yes the jap in the upper left hand corner has a bayonet mounted. I think i know where they got the ideas for the type 100 bayonet mounts

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Naval recon plane. Anyone whose studied the pacific war in even passing interests will note that naval aviation recon was a big fucking deal in that theater, in terms of effecting the outcomes of battles it could be a couple of hours of difference between who spotted who first


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Jap RPG, the original JRPG heh heh, translation would be appreciated





Looks like a paratrooper judging by headgear




Captured Soviet Weapons from border conflict (japs got their asses handed to them, ZHUKOV STRONK)

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might as well post this picture of future manga author Shigeru Mizuki, posing with his dad before being shipped off to the frontlines.
Mizuki was sent to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, where he watched his comrades die, contracted Malaria, lost his left arm in an Allied air attack and was finally captured as a POW. However he survived his ordeal, returned home and eventually became one of the best known "mangaka" (if im spelling that wrong- im not sorry) in postwar Japan.
He has recounted his wartime experiences in his manga Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths and Showa: A History of Japan.
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150mm Type 5 AA Gun, heaviest AA gun produced by Japan during the war. Only two were made before Japan surrendered, but they managed to shoot down two B-29s with them (allegedly), and according to American evaluations, they were more than five times more effective than the earlier 120mm Type 3 AA guns. Too little too late, like with most modern Japanese equipment.

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Interservice rivalry in the Japanese armed forces were... weird.   In a way that probably cost the Japs a bunch of battles.


They wouldn't even talk to each other or share intelligence information.

It was truly bizarre.


Imperial Japan was like that. The branches were all in a constant struggle against one another for the most political control of the government. Many coups and uprisings were present during its lifetime, rivalries were just as hostile as the Allies.

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