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  2. A-stan. ZU-23-2 should became standart offering to Toyota, optional for other 4x4s.
  3. Looks like those Urals were serially-made by rebels
  4. Ural of the UAF in Donetsk airport, "Kiborg" another uparmored Ural of the UAF and another one and one more
  5. Some jihad inventions from Ukraine, 2014-15. https://shushpanzer-ru.livejournal.com/2064899.html Uparmored Volkswagen Transporter T4 (UAF) Armored mobile bath with pixel camouflage (UAF) UAF armored truck Unknown side (probably DPR) UAF Uparmored GAZ-66 "Zhmerinka"
  6. Syrian conflict.

    Also reports that SAA took Abu Duhur airport itself and now setting up defence
  7. Syrian conflict.

    Kurds want protection but on their own terms, it seems.
  8. Syrian conflict.

  9. Today
  10. Syrian conflict.

  11. Syrian conflict.

  12. Syrian conflict.

  13. Syrian conflict.

  14. Syrian conflict.

  15. Bash the F-35 thred.

  16. Syrian conflict.

  17. The Whirlybird Thread

  18. Syrian conflict.

    SAA reinforcements in Northen Hama/Idlib
  19. Syrian conflict.

    Idlibostan getting hit
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