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  2. Yeah, not being a dunce is the best way to not get harassed/arrested/shot. Definitely a two-way street.
  3. Out in Colorado, the cops will look at you funny if you don't have a knife, especially out in the county. I have been openly carrying my CZ on the handful of occasions that I've had interactions with the police, and the response I got ranged from "well, just don't shoot anybody" to "you guys, you need to shoot more criminals. By the time we show up, they've laid down arms, they don't want to fight the cops". And yes, those are both honest to God quotes. About only half the time did they ask to hold onto my weapon during the course of our interaction, and every time I got it back. Turns out, not dressing like a slob, practicing basic hygiene, and being polite will get you a long ways.
  4. According to this thing, South Africa is going to be the well into the Mad Max universe by 2100.
  5. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Ah, going to sell your own? Around €100 I guess, depending on the premiums it has.
  6. BLM doing it right for once: The video below is stolen I'm pretty sure, but it at least has the whole speech: Fake news even covered it! If BLM has any sense, they'll figure out how to get more spokespersons like Hawk Newsome.
  7. You're all good, I'm just being extra clear. Never know when LEOs might be watching.
  8. Please don't take the wrong message from my comments, my perspectives are shaped by a very different society, as my earlier post should demonstrate.....In an armed society these things obviously have to be handled somewhat differently. Kind of surprised to discover Tasers aren't standard equipment.
  9. Unfortunately not. Though interestingly the Allies initially tapped Germany's chief executioner to behead the Nuremberg convicts.
  10. Historical Pictures Thread

    Mostly Nazis, I hope.
  11. From what I understand of US law enforcement (not being an insider, really, just tangential to the industry), their training tends to treat "deadly weapons" as a broad, unified category, generally with the same degree of response. This isn't uniform across all departments, but it does seem to be case generally. So, basically, threaten an officer with either a knife or gun, expect the same response. One thing I have also noticed is an attitude approximating "officer's life first, public second". Now, having said that, I know many, many good officers who would take umbrage with that characterization, and I am not trying to suggest that every officer thinks this way. But, when we compare typical police response in the US to something like that famous video of UK police handling a knife wielding suspect, we sort of get the impression that US police put a higher priority on their own self-protection. Which means they are more likely to react to ambiguous incidents with deadly force. This is an extremely complex problem, and I have dramatically oversimplified it, from the fact that a large number of UK police officers were present in that video (in the US, officers are often expected to respond to dangerous situations on their own, or in pairs), to a deeper issue of communication on the part of both officers and John Q. Public. It's a multifaceted issue, and I don't want to give off the impression that all the fault lies only with our law enforcement, just because that's the focus of the current discussion. Our public is far different, too, I think, and that changes things considerably.
  12. Egregious Aviation Safety Violations

    I just discovered this: Over 10 minutes airborne and almost 5000ft up on a kite.....Fekk!
  13. A Fallbeil, the German variant of the guillotine. This particular one executed around 1000 people during the Nazi era:
  14. TBH, 50-50 he gets shot in Toronto. (We are working towards dropping that, but training and asset deployment take time.) If the officer responding had a tazer, it would probably be deployed. But if you charge a cop armed with a knife, expect to get shot. Edit: If it's a closed multi tool as some reports are saying then IMO, the shoot is not a good one. Once an open blade is in play though...
  15. Yeah, depends on the City or County rules, San Francisco just recently started using them, the Bart PD has been using them for years, lefty groups don't like them over here for some reason.
  16. From an uninformed opinion I would guess it depends on the city/department and budgeting. Then there's training, and practices to equip it when on called. If the call to the station goes out for an "armed assailant", local police probably are going to err on the side of facing something more dangerous with their sidearm than be caught underarmed with a taser
  17. The Meteorology Thread: Irmagerd

    TBH only two things have surprised me about these hurricanes: 1 - Nobody has tried to blame Russia. 2 - ISIS have not claimed responsibility.
  18. It was quite startling from my British perspective believe me.....In the equivalent location locally it would probably have been a fella in a tweed jacket with a Labrador asking me nicely not to set fire to the hills and to please take my litter with me (with which reasonable requests I would most certainly comply). This just came up on the Beeb: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41314562 Thoughts? Could definitely have been handled better IMHO, don't they give your plod Tasers these days?
  19. General AFV Thread

    Tank like a pirate day? The funny thing is that I used to fly a small pirate flag pennant from the antenna of my M1A1.
  20. Sorry, I didn't make it clear that I understood you on that mark! He wouldn't have shot you... But I can see how that would make you think twice!
  21. WoT v WT effort-thread

    how much are you willing to pay for an account with a T-64?
  22. Yesterday
  23. I actually meant redoing in the UK.....In central London right now, I reckon it would be more or less 'Suicide by Tactical Firearms Group'. I once got (semi-)busted for underage drinking (up a hill in Northern California and I was twenty at the time so I was a bit bloody irritated TBH), in the UK in a similarly rural environment I'd have stuck two fingers up to plod and legged it, but the 9mm on the Ranger's belt completely ruled it out as an option for me in the US.
  24. The Meteorology Thread: Irmagerd

    Irma: I'm the most intense hurricane of 2017 Maria: Hold my beer
  25. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    I think most sane people would have figured this out without needing to actually test it.
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