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On 1/13/2018 at 1:03 PM, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:


"Accidentally" sent an entire state warning of a missile inbound on their position. 


Either someone's head is going to really going to roll, or the gubmint ain't tellin' us somethin'.


It is looking more and more like someone's head is NOT going to roll from what I've seen on the Intertubes. Furthermore, I'm kind of skeptical about this "push the wrong button" narrative. So there's like this big red button in Hawaii's Office of Emergency management (or whatever it's called) which - when pushed - sends out a text stating "WEESA ALL GONNA DIE!!! SAY YOUR PRAYERS CUZ WEEZ A GONNA BE EATING FECES WITH SATAN TONIGHT!!!"... or the like?


If so,  I want to see it. And if I was a reporter at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser (or the local TV stations) I'd be rattling the cage demanding to see the "accidentally pressed button". Which as we know, doesn't exist. Somebody was on a computer and fucked up somehow. 


Reading the reaction to this clusterfuck, whether it is the government officials of Hawaii or its citizenry, the people in the The Aloha State not only lack the material means of surviving a nuclear attack (or similar natural disaster) but they lack the mental means of doing the same.



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There was no physical button, there was a drop-down menu on a computer that had the options of Missile Warning Test and Missile Warning right below it. 


I'm not mentally prepared for a nuclear attack on the United States. 

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This is a wonderful educational video that some men in popular positions should heed to. 


Aka, Aziz. 




Looks like some woman is coming out saying that he forced her to have sex with him. 


Maybe I'm a cynical bastard, but I think that if Aziz wasn't a rich, popular comedian, this allegation wouldn't exist. 


Maybe if Aziz was really Aaron who lived in a trailer park and worked at a truck stop, the woman wouldn't have much to say on the matter.


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13 hours ago, Donward said:

What is an Aziz Ansari? 




I had to resort to Google/Wikipedia and... I guess I've watched Venture Brothers episode he was in.

I find the entire situation interesting. It's a case of buyer's remorse. 



The left is quick to crucify these days on rape allegations. Innocent until proven guilty be damned. 


But since Aziz is loved by the left, it's caused a rift in their groupthink.


Of course, if this was actually rape, she could have gone to the police. Not went to the media. 

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   In Venezuela, a group of rebels, led by Oscar Peres was liquidated

   Oscar Perez is the same police officer who hijacked a police helicopter in the summer and bombarded the building of the Supreme Court of Venezuela. After that, his group organized an attack on the military to seize weapons, etc.
   TASS, January 16. Rebellious Venezuelan officer Oscar Perez was killed on Monday during a fight with law enforcement agencies in a suburb of Caracas. This was reported by the website of the CNN channel in Spanish with reference to a source in the Venezuelan government.
   According to the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace, the Peres group was neutralized, some of its members were destroyed, five people were detained. Precise information about the number of killed members of the group and the fate of Peres himself was not officially announced. In the clash, according to the Interior Ministry, two police officers were killed, five were seriously injured.




And this video from Oscar Perez, that he uploaded during the battle




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