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19 minutes ago, Ramlaen said:


I hope they do a better job than they dud with the KC-46.


They probably won’t want to accept a fixed-price contract this time!

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"Shipbuilder Bath Iron Works has replaced one of the massive turbines on the future USS Michael Monsoor, and the stealthy destroyer is scheduled to depart for San Diego in November."

"Shipbuilders noticed an unusual vibration during sea trials and discovered afterward that a foreign object had damaged some of the blades, Lesko said. Although the turbine still worked, the Navy decided to replace it rather than repair the unit."

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NOTE: The Israeli Navy is no longer really using the Block 2 Harpoons. It maintained them without upgrading them in a long time because it is believed to have acquired Gabriel V missiles from IAI, and has shown some very limited footage in tests.

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NH-90 crash when taking off the Dixmude




While the BPC Dixmude was on it's way to the Trident Juncture 18 exercise, an NH-90 of the ground forces "hard landed" on the deck shortly after take-off.

The crew is safe but four sailors were wounded, one gravely who was evacuated back to shore (the ship was only 130 km away from Dunkerque).


The rotor and the cell of the helicopter are damaged, as well as the ship (not much details, but apparently rather light damages)

The ship was rerouted to Brest naval base for initial investigations.


Chance are the ship won't be able to participate to the exercise.

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