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  1. soq3iQ7.jpg


    "The data from the trial suggests up to an 80% drop in detection with the naked eye abs hand held optics.
    We also tested it against other sensors but that’s not for twitter.
    One of the hypotheses was “it’s possible to spoof AI and create delay in the targeting cycle”."





  2. CR3 turret is apparently just Rheinmetall's Revolution turret:





    On 5/24/2021 at 6:31 AM, Newtonk said:

    Ah, ok then, now I'm really curious as to those other "several camouflage experiments" and what those look like. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep searching... 


  3. Texelis, QinetiQ Collaborate to Develop in-wheel Electric Hub Drive Tech for Armoured Vehicles



    Texelis and QinetiQ have agreed to jointly deliver in-wheel Electric Hub Drive technology to military armoured vehicles.

    Under the Strategic Partnership, Texelis will manufacture the Hub Drive technology at scale to meet market demands; while QinetiQ will bring the core electrification technology and expertise.

    Hub Drive technology combines electric propulsion with mechanical and regenerative braking in a compact package. Efficiency and size has been the weakness of previous attempts at electric propulsion for wheeled military vehicles where the direct drive of motors to wheels has been used. The partnership will deliver a Hub Drive transmission where electrical machines are small-sized for the high-speed propulsion, with all the advantages in terms of acceleration and agility, with the high torque demands for hill climb and obstacle crossing handled by the range-changing gearbox.

    The agreement will see Texelis apply its deep vehicle mobility expertise to design the suspension system for the electric wheel hub.

    Texelis will be responsible for initialising assembly lines to produce the electric drive hub and WSC at its site in Limoges, France. Jean Vandel, Managing Director for Defense, Texelis, commented: “This is a very important area of development, both for Texelis and the military vehicle market worldwide. The Electric Hub Drive enables enhanced power, system efficiency and the ability to operate silently using the battery as a source of power. This allows us to rethink the vehicle power architecture completely and discard conventional axle and driveshaft design constraints."



    Is this a private endeavour or is the French Army interested in hub drive?

  4. 10 hours ago, Newtonk said:


    Does anyone here have the attached image in high res, please? Or, point me in the direct I may find it? It is from ATDU and shows the most current digital camo of the Challenger 2. Thank you


    That is the highest resolution available. Taken directly from the CO of ATDU twitter account.
    It's one of several camouflage experiments rather than an official Theatre Standard.

  5. This news is a bit old but posting now I have time:

    UK outlines future anti-armour requirements



    BGOAA is split across four areas: a Close-In Self Defence (CISD) capability, a long-range Mounted Close Combat Overwatch (MCCO) capability akin to the Swingfire system of the past, and mounted and dismounted Close Combat Anti-Armour Weapons (CCAAW), which will form the successor to the in-service Javelin.

    The project aims to deliver commonality between effectors and launchers to drive down costs while allowing a smaller, more dispersed British force to achieve overmatch against peer threats into the 2050s.

    Commenting on the existing capabilities BGOAA is seeking to replace, British Army Lieutenant Colonel Mike Baxter, S01 for Light and Medium Forces, said: “These systems were designed in the 90s and 00s, typically as dismounted systems and not optimised for fire-on-the-move. One could also suggest that, during the lifetime of these systems, they have not really faced a significant armour threat.


    “But armour or threats that have to be engaged by these weapons systems have been present throughout that time, and the scale and the complexity of use of those systems have probably exceeded the designers’ thoughts when they first brought those systems into use.”

    Key to developing the four BGOAA project lines is developing a Ministry of Defence-owned architecture for effectors and fire control systems that would allow anti-armour systems to be rapidly upgraded to maintain their relevance.

    Baxter said: “BGOAA takes the experience of the last few years with the aim of providing accurate, long-range engagement capabilities down to the section level against armoured and non-armoured targets, It also keeps in mind the potential for state-on-state or peer-on-peer conflict and the great power competition that seems to be making a comeback in world dynamics”.

    “We still need to have lethality against armoured systems because, although not all may be top of the range vehicles, there is a prevalence and a proliferation of armour, right down to some relatively less well-developed nations.”

    De-risking is currently underway on technologies to enable a new generation of seekers, systems that can defeat active protection systems, new launchers and warheads.

    Dstl is also looking at critical enablers, including smaller, wider spectrum, low-cost sensors; non-line of sight capabilities; third-party handoff of targeting and fire control.

    Dstl is also exploring how modular systems can allow for launchers and missiles to be diffused across platforms from trucks, the Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle, the Ajax family of vehicles and uncrewed systems.

    BGOAA is currently in the pre-concept phase, with Dstl aiming to down-select from a pool of concepts over the next six month and generate a shortlist of ideas that would then undergo detailed analysis likely from 2022/23 onwards.

    Mounted Close Combat Overwatch (MCCO) - Long Range ATGM

    Proposals by Thales, MBDA and Lockheed Martin using Brimstone missiles:



    "Dstl also showed a concept developed by Thales showing an Ares vehicle equipped with a remote turret that does not protrude into the vehicle’s hull and carried eight missiles."







    "During a presentation on the capability, Dstl showcased concepts from MBDA detailing an Ares vehicle carrying eight Brimstone missiles on a swing launcher as well as a Boxer module carrying 16 Brimstone missiles on one side of the vehicle as well as its previously shown concept of a TheMIS UGV carrying a Brimstone launcher."


    Lockheed Martin:






    "As well as devising the Boxer module, Lockheed Martin has also developed a concept for an ISO container filled with VLS tubes and carried on a MAN SV truck. This MAN SV-based system would be able to carry 50 plus missiles." - Boxer module can carry 16 missiles

    CCAAW – mounted and dismounted effects


    Javelin ATGM replacement. Supposedly Spike 2 has been earmarked for this. The Army was waiting to see what the US did with Javelin.





    UK Warrior upgrade cancellation makes sale of CT40 cannons likely



    Surplus CTA International 40 mm CT40 cannons worth over GBP70 million (USD97.7 million) are expected to be put up for sale by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) following the cancellation of the Warrior infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) upgrade programme in the UK government’s 22 March Defence Command Paper.


    There had been speculation that the cannons could be reused and installed in Boxer mechanised infantry vehicles to create an IFV variant for the British Army, but on 19 April the service told Jane s it had no intention to develop such a vehicle.

    “There are no current plans to commission Boxer into an armoured infantry role,” said a British Army spokesperson. “We are assessing potential lethality options for the Boxer.”



    Source: https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/uk-warrior-upgrade-cancellation-makes-sale-of-ct40-cannons-likely




    Pretty much what I thought would happen. The Army dumping CT40. Not even keeping them as spares for Ajax is a telling sign.
    I can see Rheinmetall pushing a British-ised Lance turret.


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