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   Moscow. February 21st. INTERFAX.RU - The Russian Ministry of Defense decided to abandon the serial purchase of new attack helicopters Mi-28NM because of the price, several military sources told Interfax on Thursday.


   “Despite repeated attempts by the military to reduce the price of a production vehicle, the Russian Helicopters holding company refused to accept the conditions of the Ministry of Defense,” one of the agency’s interlocutors said


   According to him, for more than three months, the RF Ministry of Defense was preparing to conclude a state contract with the Russian Helicopters holding on the supply of a serial batch of attack helicopters Mi-28NM to the troops, but at the last moment the parties could not reach an agreement on the contract price.
   “Instead of expensive purchases of helicopters from the Russian Helicopters holding company, it is possible to modernize the existing Night Hunters with bringing their basic characteristics to the level of Mi-28NM or work out the issue of a corresponding increase in purchases of Ka-52 helicopters,” the agency’s source said.

Interfax does not yet have a comment from the Russian Helicopters holding regarding the decision of the Russian Ministry of Defense.



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