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   Sorry for TVZvezda link, but they have pretty good footage of Mi-28NM. Note how they blured new Izd. 305 missiles, assholes. It is not even some sort of "strange" looking missile, why even bother? Also, this missile is probably called "light multipurpose guided missile" or LMUR. 



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   Some screengrabs and info from video. 

   New optics module




   Ataka-VM (laser guided)




   LMUR are to be used against all ground targets, it is not just an ATGM. It appears it is equipped with thermal imager, as target was "heated" by... cheap cooking stoves... yeah.







   Mi-28NM received AA missiles (Verba) with helmet aiming system, like a fightet jet.

   New radar station, electronics, defence kit with laser jamming of AA missiles, new helmet targeting system, self-diagnostic system and so on.


   Also, hello new rocket pods. Rockets now have max range of 8 km instead of 4, according to video.




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