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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.


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After replacing the FAMAS with the HK-416, the French FR-F2 by the SCAR-H PR (2600 ordered to be delivered before 2021), it has now been announced that the PAMAS G1 (License built Berreta 92) and the remaining PA MAC 50 will be replaced by a Glock of unspecified model (though it can be noted that the Glock 17 is already in service with the special forces and some commandos).

74596 weapons have been ordered.


Exit le PAMAS G1 et le PA MAC 50 : Le ministère des Armées a commandé plus de 74.000 pistolets Glock | Zone Militaire


With that the French army will have replaced the vast majority of its service small arms.

The FN minimi is now the only 5,56 LMG in service

The FN MAG 58 is finishing to replace the ANF1/AANF1 for the 7,62 LMG


The only "Legacy" weapons left will be the 12,7 M2 HMG and the 12,7 PGM Hecate II and AFAIK there is no need to replace it for now (though the army has apparently been experimenting with the CDX40 Shadow in .408)

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   From otvaga


   I found the thesis of Dzhulyakov in the net. For wounds by 5.45 bullets after and without obstacles. Used 7n22 and 7n24. For the first time on the net, I see this. In general, some interesting points:
- at 50 and 100 meters, the bullet of 7n22 deforms at 50 to 100 meters  and the nose breaks off.
- at 50 and 100 meters, 7n24 is fragmented.
- The size of the wound channel in 7n24 in 1.4-1.7 is larger than for 7n6, according to the diagrams given it can be judged that in 7n22 they are smaller than in 7n24, but not significantly.
- The neck of the wound channel in 7n24 is on average 4-5 cm, in 7n22 there is a larger spread, from 5 to 15 cm!


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   MR-1 (civilian version of SVCh) in 54R and .308Win



   "Kalashnikov" presents a new weapon - an experimental self-loading rifle MR1. MR1 is the first civilian version of a promising military rifle and will be produced under two types of cartridges - 7.62x54R and .308Win.

   The MR1 version for the 7.62x54R cartridge has an original folding stock, version for the .308Win cartridge are equipped with the SAG stock - non-foldable for short (barrel length 410 mm) and folding for long (barrel length 530 mm) versions. The steel U-shaped receiver MR1 is equipped with an integrated Picatinny rail, which provides a stable platform for the installation of any sights.
   MR1 is equipped with a convenient two-sides safety, M18x1 thread (right) on the barrel for mounting various muzzle devices, a gas system with a short piston stroke and a gas regulator.

   MR1 is released in a limited edition and is already available for customers on pre-order on the website and in the official Kalashnikov boutique. All MR1 owners will receive additional individual after-sales support, which is provided through the personal account and hotline of Kalashnikov Group of Companies.

   Ummm... beta-testing?







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   MTs-566 for civilian market in .308win.


   Rifle was a competitor for SVCh, it managed to get same points as SVCh and AFAIK still in competition. Rifle is build around central "spine" with modular pistol grip, magwell. Stock can be changed and it is foldable. Accuracy is ~1 MAO, measured during competition. Side rails all the way back on the rifle were left as users found them to be usefull. Weight is around 5 kg.

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