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The Crossout thread.

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5 hours ago, Bronezhilet said:

So basically a combo of an MG and an autocannon with none of the downsides?


It has downsides, they just don't matter.

Synthesis does, as far as I can tell, constant damage within its range.  The projectile suddenly stops existing at a certain range though, and that range isn't super-long.  Machine guns actually seem to out-range them, but at the ranges where you can hit with a machine gun but not a Synthesis, you're doing tickle damage.

It also has a spin-up time and it's semiautomatic, so you can't just hold the trigger like an idiot.  Oh, and I guess you have to lead the target.

But nobody cares about those downsides.  Anyone who doesn't have the eye-hand coordination to deal with that sort of thing shouldn't be playing Crossout in the first place.


The upside is that Synthesis has, I dunno, easily 3X the DPS of the blue autocannon for the same energy, power score and close to the same weight.

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Am I alone in thinking that the new chase PvE mode is impossible on even just medium difficulty?  Best I've done is had a single truck killed right before the end, but that's it.  Those things actually drive just as fast as some of my builds, which is complete bullshit since they already start off way in front of you.  When you do catch up to them, they've got so many defensive guns that don't want to get shot off and they have so many smaller bots around them that you won't last long.  To top it all off, the things feel damn near invincible too.


Actually, it has come to my attention that I was in a hard PvE match, not a medium one.  Still, it's supposed to be hard, not impossible.

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We re-balanced the game:




This was just the game where I personally did the best, but we had something like a ten game winning streak.  I got all the glory because I had all the firepower, but my teammates were equally important to the massive harvest of pelts.  Ulric brought the radar and Mogens brought the hitpoints.  We had eyes, an anvil, and I was the hammer.

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The Synthesis is almost as broken and OP as the powerful radar detector. Initially, I was running a double Synthesis build as well, but in one match we didn't know the displacement of the remainder of the enemy team. I decided that we would not have to endure any uncertainty again, so I dropped one Synthesis for the powerful radar detector, a light engine, more frame spam, as some decorative armored flaps.

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Gaijin's doing some little competition where you are supposed to recreate what I guess is some Lada truck.  I'm joining for shits and giggles, but not going to go so far as to drop a few hundred ingame shekels to get the paint that's just right.  Honestly, most submissions I've seen so far weren't too hot.


The front is just begging to use that one front bumper piece, it just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the model




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Good, more drone nerfs, these ones actually helping to limit how many you can carry on a single build.  The previous round of nerfs helped, but they were still cancer.




I think I'd rather that they just limit how many you can put on a build like they do with engines than increase the energy cost, but I'll take it.

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