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I have no idea how it's only now that I realized that I can make billboard builds for lulz.

Abusing Inconsistencies in the Crossout Parts Stats for Fun and Profit     Some of the most enjoyable things about the Crossout beta in the 0.7.10 build are that the game is particularl

We're hitting jihad levels that shouldn't be possible:     This build abuses several mechanics that the mujahadeen and martyrs of the Abu Hajar Brigade have discovered.  @Tekky not

Also, once you get enough currency to unlock the workbench to make some blue rarity parts, you can get a good money train going. It's 25 gold for 5 blue parts, which sell for about 35-40 gold each. 4*35= 140, minus 25, minus another 20 or so if you buy some random parts and/or copper to speed up the process and that's at least +90 per cycle, enough for two blue parts with some left over.


It's how I'm currently rolling with a Jawbreaker cabin, AC43 autocannon, and turreted 6lb despite spending no real money on the game.

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8 hours ago, Bronezhilet said:

Mount fuel tank

Grind fuel

Sell fuel

Problem solved


And if you do the "Get wires" mission, you can sell those too since you don't really need them at the start.

Attempting to do so. With this:




It helps paper over my weaknesses ITO not being able to drive or shoot by being retardedly hard to kill.

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I've got 3 rides at the moment, though my cannon one will likely see itself changed to something else sooner than later.  My main ride places a lot like a light does in WoT (minus the scouting) and is the sort focused more on being effective than fun.  Finally got the parts needed and made myself a cloaking turret spammer.  It's great fun pooping out a bunch of turrets right behind a blob of enemies without them knowing you're coming.  You might not get the most XP this way, but I feel like it can really turn the tide if you distract them all at the right time.  I'd still like to grind some better parts out for it, but it's functional as is.





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34 minutes ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

Obviously I could just get them with money stuff, but I see there's some cabins and engines like the aircraft engine or the "duster" cabin (baby lunitic cabin), yet not seeing them in the list of crafting stuff.  Those come off of premium vehicles or something?

I was wondering about that myself...

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2 hours ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

Obviously I could just get them with money stuff, but I see there's some cabins and engines like the aircraft engine or the "duster" cabin (baby lunitic cabin), yet not seeing them in the list of crafting stuff.  Those come off of premium vehicles or something?


Double-check the faction tabs and crafting lists.  There are a few cabins that are exclusive to packs, but scuttlebutt is that they'll be craftable later.

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Had some good times with @Belesarius @Tekky @Bronezhilet this evening.  This is my current trollmobile:




A single executioner at 3.2K power score appears to be much better than two at 6.6K.  Tracks are a huge upgrade for non-turret cannon builds, since tracked vehicles can pivot steer while stationary.  The knives are a stand-off device since the cannon will not fire if it is pressing against an enemy.  Applique armor can be adjusted to fine-tune the powerscore, currently mine is designed to look absolutely fabulous.


MO is to fire at enemy cabs from medium to short ranges.  Since the executioner pierces three armor voxels, you will likely do damage to the cab if you aim straight at it even if there is intervening armor.  While reloading, turn sideways so your spaced armor eats the shots and you don't lose the cannon early.  The cannon will usually die before the cab does, which gives about a 50% increase in effective hitpoints and will sometimes give you enough extra time to set up a decent kamikaze run.


Except for the little track skirt looking plates, all of the applique armor is attached either to the frame or the cabin, so it can't get knocked off as easily.  The disadvantage of this is that I don't have enough frontal spaced armor.

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I'll likely end up investing a significant proportion of my resources into getting ducks.  Got roadkilled by a guy with almost 20 ducks sitting on top of his car and I was rather inspired by that.


Oil prices have crashed pretty hard, not so sure about them being good for making money unless you stack the barrel and tank.  5 shekels per stack is pretty poor in comparison to what is was but a month ago.  Went ahead and sold all that stuff for duck fragments regardless.  I've got a need for ducks.


And since we're sharing rigs, here's what I've been trolling around in PvP with.  The small plow at low tiers is a really tough nut to crack, so it makes for excellent front armor.  Feels like it gives almost a +50% effective HP boost having my front being all modules and little structure.  Lunatic structual bits seem to have the best HP in relation to weight, so stuck those where ever I could as well while keeping the thing looking nice.  Cannon with the duster cabin means you can nuke someone's butt from a new angle whenever you see fit.  No one's really going to outrun me, especially since I stuck an engine in too.


At 2600ps, a single 6pdr is still fairly effective and can really ruin someone's day if you score a solid hit on the cabin itself or some other juicy bit.




PvE+PvP rig is still pretty close to what I think I've posted already.  2 MGs behind and above the plane cabin, autocannon up from and plenty of spaced armor.  Nice jack of all trades sort of thing I've got going on with it.


@Ulric Not sure how much an issue it's proven to be, but with those front few MGs, it may be worth trying out putting them on grilles or some other object labelled as being able to be shot through.  Like frame pieces, those are actually quite difficult to break, so you'll really only lose those guns by the guns themselves being hit, not what holds them up. 

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Yeah, that's not a bad idea. The are currently attached to wall segments, so I think the MGs have equal or fewer hit points than blocks they are mounted to. Either way, during testing the frame and cab mounted MGs didn't seem to hold up to fire any longer than the ones attached to the short walls. With that many machine guns, it's pretty good at sandblasting low tier parts off.

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Just now had a remarkably similar battle in terms of score, though I only had 5 kills, but more points through assists and capping. Vehicle below is what got me that battle, appears I need to shave some weight off the thing however.  


 I should jump on TS for once and play a few rounds with you all at some points, grinding out wires for my duck army.  Not really able to take advantage of the economic stuff this weekend since I'm not far enough to afford anything purple and am hoarding wires.





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