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I have no idea how it's only now that I realized that I can make billboard builds for lulz.

Abusing Inconsistencies in the Crossout Parts Stats for Fun and Profit     Some of the most enjoyable things about the Crossout beta in the 0.7.10 build are that the game is particularl

We're hitting jihad levels that shouldn't be possible:     This build abuses several mechanics that the mujahadeen and martyrs of the Abu Hajar Brigade have discovered.  @Tekky not

How very gaijin of gaijin.  As if the grind in this game weren't killer enough, they change it so that the crates you get from drops only give you 2hr rentals of blue parts at best now, you don't get to keep them from my understanding.  Blue crates you get once a week got a similar treatment.


There's also an event starting now where you can get speshul parts like an extra spike shotgun, giant crossbow turret, and suicide drones (wheeled ones).  The coin things you get to unlock the crates they're in are either a trickle of one per win in PvP or 100 per daily task completed.  Super duper special crates need 300 super special coins, 1500 scrap, and 50 copper.

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That's my theory. Since the start of this event, scrap prices have doubled, and copper has fallen to about 65% of pre event prices. Talers started out very strong, but the bottom fell out of that market once people realized how much scrap it takes to make the crates, and figured that making crates isn't worthwhile.


There could also be another reason driving up the cost of blue items in addition to the event. You can sell Vectors for upwards of 60 coin now, and purchasing the constituent materials and work bench space will cost you about 52 coin the last time I checked. Heavy generators were leading the pack the last time I saw, with listed prices approaching 65 coin. Previously, blues were somewhat of a wash when it came to selling them vs selling the raw materials, but now you can turn a reasonable percentage off of them even after tax.


I'm speculating on copper. I won a buy order for 2000 units at 0.11 coin per unit. I've seen pre event prices approaching 0.19 coin per unit.

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On 7/27/2017 at 8:00 PM, ApplesauceBandit said:

How very gaijin of gaijin.  As if the grind in this game weren't killer enough, they change it so that the crates you get from drops only give you 2hr rentals of blue parts at best now, you don't get to keep them from my understanding.  Blue crates you get once a week got a similar treatment.



This seems to be what drove up the price of blues.  You don't get one free one per week anymore

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The grind in this game kinda really sucks if you don't want to throw money at the game.  I bought the bear cabin and a few spikey shotguns, but I still have yet to be able to get any purple pieces. 


Also, since this seems to win me the vast majority of battles I get with it, here's my current leviathan design.  It's got 6 fixed 57mm cannons sitting directly on frame pieces, 4 turret 57mm guns on either the cabin or other durable pieces, and 3 turret spawners.  I have no clue how effective the turrets are, but cannons are still clearly the best gun for these.  They don't have a max range, the shells travel relatively fast, the guns themselves don't break easily, and they hit hard.  Rockets can really mess stuff up when they hit you, but I don't feel like the AI makes much effort to bring them to bear.  Autocannons can be annoying as well, but they just don't have the same punch.  MGs, shotguns, and flying drones are pointless unless the players gets closer than they should.  Spamming wheeled drones could be effective as well since they'd be hard targets for a lot of the rides people bring to kill leviathans.


Also, when fighting leviathans, it's worth noting that the AI is stupid and only aims for your cabin, never any other part.



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13 hours ago, Ulric said:

The results of my first Free For All battle




Incidentally, without having checked this thread, just now had my first FFA match as well.  Got cheated out of first place since I was tied at 9 kills with someone else, yet he had <30 points more than I did.  Seeing as I got 125 scrap for second place, this mode seems pretty great for grinding.  If I can earn 9.00 shekels per battle, that'd be a pretty great leap over what I get in normal battles.

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My current favorite build for pubs.



Components: Reaper, purple ammo pack, blue scav engine, duster cabin, 4 large steering wheels, 2 4x8 frames, 2 small plows, and a train plow.


This is a high mobility mid range fire support vehicle. It suffers against the current melee meta that is going on, but it will shred enemies quickly enough to strip most of their weapons before they can close. While the vehicle doesn't have much in the way of a hit point pool, the hit points of the components is enough to get it through some tough situations. The plows are the main armor, with the train plow having 416HP, and the small plows having 216 each. The plows were chosen because of their large size, high component HP, and very favorable HP/PS ratio. The duster cabin was chosen for it's small size and high speed. The size is very suitable because it receives the best possible coverage from the armor. The heavy weight of the plows also help to stabilize the vehicle under the intense recoil of the Reaper. The scavs Powerful Engine was chosen because it more than doubles the maximum weight of the duster, only costs 1 energy point, and has a respectable HP pool of 189 points. The expanded ammo pack was placed on the back of the vehicle to act both as armor with its high health of 323 points, and to keep it as far away from the cabin as possible. During testing, destruction of the ammo pack will only destroy the engine, leaving the vehicle cripples for mobility, but fully functional in terms of weaponry.


All of the components of the vehicles were selected for their high individual HP pool to act as armor for the limited overall pool of the vehicle. This makes it a tough nut to crack, but once it is cracked, it fades quickly. This allows for a greater longevity of maximum combat performance compared to other vehicles, at the cost of a very steep drop off after taking critical damage.






I mad some decorative upgrades to it to bring it to an even 3700 PS, and now it gives me an additional 10% xp per battle.




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Colli and I stomped around at 1750 and 3700-4000ps tonight. We had about 14 or so victories in a row. We also encountered some poor bastard who had 4 fuel barrels half exposed on the back of his lightly armed and armored vehicle. I touched those off 5 times in a row with the dual shotguns on my 1750 build. He was very learning resistant.


At 3700-4000ps we were rolling around with a Reaper and an Executioner, spreading butthurt and misery everywhere we went.

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So I'm predicting that the current price on the TOW is an articificial low because people who're used to the old one are selling it, even though I've heard rumours the nerf isn't as bad as people claim. So at some point the price will go up again because newer players think it's a nice weapon or whatever.


So I picked up 4 for 290, if I sell them for over 322 I'm making a profit.

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My uni network blocks torrents, and while WT and WoT have been fine, I can't get crossout to download this patch.  RIP, see you all next year I guess.


I swear every time I complain about something, it fixes itself.  Tried yesterday and this morning to update it with no luck.  Tried again after posting this, game is updated.  Glad that they're making the TOW less of a seal clubber too.


During that knight event, scraps were selling for really high since everyone wanted some of those new things (I wish I got a VBIED spawner, but alas), so I tried as much of that as I could for event stuff.  Granted the goblin got a nice buff this patch, but I can already make a ~50% ROI with them.

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