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The Toyota Hilux Appreciation Thread


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11 hours ago, heretic88 said:

Please, tell me there will be some jihadmobiles with HMGs or SPG on their backs! A few of them at least! :) 


We already had some of those in the past (used by SOG in Iraq and Afghanistan) ;) 


Check this link with jihadomobile development in Czech army. 




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21 minutes ago, heretic88 said:

BTW, werent there any plans to use something bigger than a DSKM or NSVT? Maybe a ZPU-2, SPG-9, ZU-23?


Actually none of these three weapons was ever used by ČSLA. 


We had our own weapons used in their roles. As a light AA weapon we had the 30 mm PLDvK vz.53 (you know for sure the self propelled version of armoured Praga V3S used a lot in Yugoslav wars). And as a recoilles rifle we had the 84 mm BZK vz.59A. Both weapons are already phased out. 

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