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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread


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Subway station, that i tried to use to get to cinema today (Thor, in English, cinemalocated in center of the city) was closed (second time today). Fist time - somebody left his bag in undeground part of station AFAIK. Other ways to get to city center in rush hour were not quick enough, which means sorry Thor, i will watch you next week. 

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On 07.11.2017 at 4:10 AM, Lostwingman said:


I live off of 87, ~20 minutes the other direction. Nuts that something like this happened so close. Apparently nearly half the dead were children and this had to do with him targeting his fucking mother in law. As much as I want to be relieved that it wasn't racially motivated and that I won't see riots around me, I just can't with the level of inhumanity in that act.

   I understand that feeling, very disturbing.


   In 2013 FSB arrested islamic/jihadist recruiter next to the street where i live (although technically near old railroad and outside of main city blocks). In april we (our city) had first in my memory suicide bomber in subway, my sister was 15 minutes late to the train on Technological Institute, she could have been in the train in which that islamist exploded if her friend wasn't late. 

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8 minutes ago, Collimatrix said:


And I certainly don't believe everything the New York Times says.  What's your take?

   Statement was official as i understood, so problem is not with massmedia report.

   Many years we were facing those peoples, and going not that bad for last 15 years against them, and during this time no help from US counter-terrorist agencies. And there would be pretty hard to CIA/whatever to help us as terrorists are in majority just locals, you need to have sources inside of those organisations.

   Also, you could see how well US cooperated with us in Syria against terrorists - no help at all, even trying to shit on us with ISIS deal in Raqqa giving them way to get to Deir EzZor or launching cruise missiles against SyAAF AB that had number of VKS helicopters parked on it month before. Or trying to help Idlibostan scum with media campaigns of endless hositals being bombed, Aleppo being invaded/raped/etc, there is plenty of organisations name of which we knew pretty well for many years like Imarat Kavkaz, operating in Free Land of Idlib and Aleppo and so on.

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   Three militants were liquidated during the counter-terrorist operation in the village of Gubden in the Karabudakhkent district of Dagestan. This is reported on Sunday by the National Antiterrorism Committee.

   The CTO regime was introduced the day before. In the village of Gubden they searched for bandits and their accomplices. It turned out that the criminals took refuge in one of the private houses. During the battle they were neutralized.

   The identity of one of them is clarified. This is one of the leaders of the gang Aligadzhi Hamutayev, who moved to illegal position in 2011. On his account - the killing of eight civilians, an attack on the convoy of one of the divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

   During the raid, none of the local residents and law enforcement officers were injured.



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