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Here's some bad CGI showing the nuclear torpedo:


Feat. an oscar looking moody, and a re-used render of an unidentified sub launching two Klavesin-2R-PM AUVs (more images of that posted here by LoooSeR)



43 minutes ago, Alzoc said:


Unlikely, 106Ru being a fission product (hence if it came directly from used fissile fuel, it would have been mixed with other RN) it comes either from a facility handling it separately (either a fuel cycle facility designed to separate it or a radioactive source production plant) or a satellite  using this RN as a heat source.

The satellite hypothesis have been excluded so it most likely comes from a facility handling 106Ru.

They just screwed up at some point liberating it in the air.




I see, thank you

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9 minutes ago, Alzoc said:

Talking about nukes, I don't think I ever saw this on the forum:




Have fun blowing up the world^^






Yes, nukemap is an essential tool for all aspiring supervillains!

I hope that the news about this Russian nuclear powered cruise missile is fake.  The idea that the USA could have had the world-ending insanity of Project Pluto in the 1960s, then failed to build it, only to have the Russians make the same thing years later fills my capitalist heart with sadness.

We cannot allow a nuclear-powered cruise missile gap!

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On 1/11/2016 at 5:14 AM, Toxn said:

I know I'm behind the times on this one, but is what is up with crazy inventors and cold fusion?






Rossi is a certifiable piece of human excrement scammer.


A business he had before the e-cat thing was killed petrodragon and was supposed to be doing large scale hazardous waste remediation into benign and environmentally friendly stuff.  He got busted instead taking the hazmat out to deep water and dumping it instead. I can't remember whether he actually did any jail time over this or not, but if he didn't he only barely avoided it.

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   MOSCOW, March 3 (Itar-Tass) - RIA Novosti. In Russia tests of a small nuclear power plant for cruise missiles and autonomous underwater vehicles were completed, a military-diplomatic source said.

   He noted that such technologies are now developed and implemented only in Russia.


   According to the source, in recent years, Moscow specifically sent to the West "signals" about the futility of their attempts to neutralize its strategic capabilities by its missile defense systems. That is why several years ago a leak was set up about the development of unlimited range of autonomous underwater vehicles by Russia.

   "It was done not accidentally, but quite consciously, in order to encourage our Western partners to descend from the skies to the ground and start discussing the conditions for global security," the source said.

   However, he added, instead of embarking on negotiations to ensure global security, Western countries, believing in their exclusivity and supposedly technological leadership, preferred not to notice Russian signals.


   "Now they were in the position of catching up with all the relevant consequences, especially for the pockets of their taxpayers," the source said.
   He stressed that Russia did not withdraw from the key treaties that provided the necessary parity and mutual strategic deterrence since the 1970s.

   "It was their choice and another manifestation of strategic blindness in relation to Russia and its capabilities," the source concluded, recalling that one of the important thoughts in President Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly was not to disperse the new arms race, but together to seek ways to save the world.





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3 hours ago, EnsignExpendable said:



German scientists secretly recorded talking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another stick in the wheels of the German A-bomb.





HAHN: That wicked BOMKE was in my Institute.


HARTECK: I have never come across such a fantastic liar.


HAHN: That man came to me in 1938 when the non-aryan Fraulein MEITNER was still there – it wasn't easy to keep her in my Institute. I will never forget how BOMKE came to us and told me that he was being persecuted by the State because he was not a Nazi. We took him on and afterwards we found out that he was an old fighting member of the Party.


WEIZSÄCKER: Then we might speak of our "BOMKE-damaged" Institutes. (Laughter).



@Collimatrix has a new muse...

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On 02.03.2018 at 6:04 PM, LoooSeR said:

Also you can vote for a name for those weapon systems.



Here is a link to send your proposal for Cruise missile with nuclear-powered engine, for example:



Missile with nuclear reactor engine was named Burevestnik

Laser - Peresvet

Unmanned sub with nuclear engine - Poseidon

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The atomic floating power unit "Academician Lomonosov" arrived in Murmansk




   As reported on May 19, 2018 by the Department of Information and Public Relations of Rosenergoatom Concern, the world's only nuclear floating power unit, Academician Lomonosov, successfully towed in Murmansk, on the FSUE Atomflot (a subsidiary of Rosatom). Thus, the first stage of the towing of the nuclear ship from St. Petersburg, where its construction was conducted, to the place of its main basing - to the city of Pevek (ChAO) was completed.


   In the coming months, nuclear fuel will be loaded into the reactors of the "Akademik Lomonosov" in Murmansk. In 2019, it will be towed to the seaport of Pevek. In Pevek, all necessary construction work is currently under way to build an infrastructure on the shore, including a complex of buildings, hydraulic structures (GTS) and a coastal platform, designed to ensure safe parking of the power unit and acceptance from it of the energy bridge in a place where electrical connections and delivery of energy to shore. The power unit will become the main part of the world's first floating nuclear thermal power plant and will provide Chukotka with electric power, thereby replacing the capacities of the technologically obsolete Bilibino nuclear power plant and the Chaunskaya coal-fired power plant.




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The submarine cruiser of strategic purpose "Yuri Dolgoruky" on Tuesday made a successful launch of four ballistic missiles "Bulava" from the White Sea against simulated  targets on the Kura field in Kamchatka

More Bulava ICBM launches, yesterday.

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As reported by the TASS agency on June 29, 2018, the D-30 missile system with the intercontinental ballistic missile R-30 Bulava, as a result of successful tests in 2018, was adopted by the Russian Navy. This was reported by a source in the Russian military-industrial complex.


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