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Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread


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Today it's 15 years of Gripen C/D service in our air force. You can find a historical gallery from their first day of service here: https://www.idnes.cz/zpravy/nato/gripen-vyroci-jas-39-armada-vzdusne-sily-pilot-nadzvuk-stihac.A200418_110237_zpr_nato_inc/foto/nahledy#INC82ca6b_gripen_204_2.jpg


AFAIK It was also a first day of service of a western fighter plane in a former Warpac country after the fall of the iron curtain. I dare to say it was successful fifteen years. The planes have had no major technical issues and no accidents. Sure at the beginning there were some teething issues but since we were only a second country to operate the planes it was quite normal. Also our planes were quite late equipped with ground attack capability (2018) but that comes from the fact that the whole country's air defence is up to them (our ground AD is close to none existent). 

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Turkish F-16 and Greek Mirage 2000-5:




As stated in the link the video isn't dated and neither of the two pilots were trying very hard apparently (3G on average with a peak at 5G).

Still the video is nice in itself and quite clear.


Video was published following 52 violation of Greek airspace by Turkish air force 2 days ago.

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