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Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread


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SAAB Project R 1001, drawing from January 1946;





RX-1, early J29 proposal


RX-9, early J29 proposal


SAAB 51 - Small fighter concept from 1950sHfX2lGO.jpg


Drawing of 51



SAAB 21B - Proposal for improved variant of SAAB 21 (probably replace DB605 with RR Griffon, different armament, and radar);




Drawing of J27 in Swedish Air Force colors (the aircraft never progressed beyond the design stage);



Drawing of J23 as it might have appeared in Swedish service;




Asymmetric aircraft concept from 1943;



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Link to a video of the Blue Angels using F4 Phantoms... This gives me a huge smoking woody. 





Oh god how phabulous.

I do love the Phantom; it's a wonderful airplane. A big, ugly, post-aesthetic design created to truck along at Mach 2 and carry more missiles than an attack sub.

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