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Syrian tanks at war. Some pictures and words between them.


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From otvaga forum:



Article about how effective TOWs are in Syria (in polish):




Resumee in english:
I had watched  290 ATGM's lunched video fromt this site:
+ ~100 older ATGM's lunch for checkt statistics and others.

And I have some notice after this:
1) Only circa ~33% lunched ATGMS is "for" tanks -rest (67%) is aming in other targets
2)  Only 82 ATGM's where accurate and hit tanks. For this 82 hit's there was 34 ammo explosion or fire,
Based on some methodology (given in article) I count how many tanks where lost above those 34 pieces whit fire or explosion.
More or less only 43 tanks where lost after ATGM hits.
It's mean that only 52% of accurate ATGM's where dedly for...obsolate tanks :)
What more -not all ATGM's hit in tanks. Again -methodology is in article, but in real condition only 70-86% ATGM's will hit targets, and only 52% of them will be dedly for old tanks.


In final result only between 36 to 44% lunched in to tanks direction ATGM's where dedly and killed tanks.

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