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Bears can be total assholes. And other bear related news


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To be fair, the bear didn't eat the kayak and then the broad sprayed him. At which point he must have been "Fuck this bitch and her annoying voice" and proceeded to do what all bears do and that's destroy shit for no good reason.


One of the favorite things the bears love to do where we fish is to chew on rubber buoys. I don't know why but it must be some pleasant tactile sensation. They also chew on four-wheeler seats.

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So BAAAEEEYYYEEERRR NOOOO!!! girl has released a statement about the Bear Eats Kayak YouTube video.




Maley thought she might email the video to the manufacturer of her kayak, Delta. But the video was too big, so, using the wireless Internet at the Wrangell library, she uploaded the video to YouTube and shared the link on Facebook.



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Humans Floridians: 295 Black bears: 0


Florida calls off controversial black bear hunt, the first in two decades, after the quota of black bears was harvested in only two days.




As my wife assures me having lived there for a decade and a half, Florida still has good ol' boys and rednecks and hasn't been overrun yet by retired New Yorkers.

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Drought Drives Bears Into California Town In Search Of Food


Renowned Expert Donward Hopes They Can Cull The Population of Surplus Hippies, Yuppies and Artists


From the article.


Chas Haws' eyes bugged out as he recalled his surprise coming face to face with a bear before dawn as he walked to Antoinette's Coffee and Goodies shop along the main road one day. He carefully stepped back as the bear reared up and then walked away. "He didn't care about me at all," Haws said. "I didn't smell like a muffin — yet."

Quiet nights are interrupted by air horns, banging on pots or a gunshot to scare off creatures known to forage 20 hours a day as they prepare for long winter naps. But some wonder if those shots are innocent.


"I'm upset and sad, and I just question, 'Why?'" said Kathleen McCleary, who noted a sense of outrage in some circles. "I don't see any reason to be shooting them."

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