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The "Today in Military History." Thread.


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 March 19, 1945 as Fast Carrier Task Force 58 planes bomb Kure and Kobe Harbors, Japanese aircraft single out the carriers for attack. USS Wasp (CV 18), USS Essex (CV 9) and USS Franklin (CV 13) are hit. After a second bomb strikes Franklin, the carrier suffers subsequent explosions on the flight and hangar decks.


Heroic work by her crew, assisted by nearby ships, bring the fires and flooding under control. For their actions during this occasion, both Lt. Cmdr. Joseph T. O’Callaghan and Lt. j .g. Donald A. Gary receive the Medal of Honor

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March 24th, 2003 - CWOs David Williams and Ronald Young Jr of the 227th Battalion, 1st Air Cav are on a night mission to Karbala, Iraq. The 18-strong Apache helicopter company is ambushed by Iraqi ground troops, who were warned in advance of the American flight path by a unique comms network using only cell phones. The fierce ground fire immediately disables their helicopter, and the crew is forced to bail out while an intense gunbattle rages around them. Captured by the Iraqi Army, they spend 22 days in captivity, and are some of the last Americans freed before the war ends.

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March 26 1943, at the Battle of Komandorski Islands, Task Group 16.6, commanded by Rear Adm. Charles H. McMorris, prevents Japanese reinforcements from reaching Kiska, Aleutian Islands. During battle, USS Salt Lake City (CA 25) is damaged by gunfire from heavy cruisers Maya and Nachi.





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USS Yorktown (CV 10) is commissioned on April 15, 1943. Initially to have been named Bon Homme Richard, she was renamed Yorktown while under construction to commemorate USS Yorktown (CV 5), lost at the Battle of Midway in June 1942.




Crew during the commissioning, April 15, 1943



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