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Giant Squids and other Cephalopod Business


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To give your friends and family another reason to stay out of the water, here's a giant squid recently seen in Toyama Bay, Japan.  This is one of the closest recorded encounters that we've had with a live specimen.



Article and another video on the matter




The Toyama squid is a fairly small example of the species, estimated at around 3.7 meters (12.1 feet) long, and may be a juvenile. Giant squid are thought to grow as large as 13 meters (43 feet) long. 




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I haven't read anything on giant squid aggressiveness. I guess most is speculation based on other squid species(Humboldt) and Kraken legends.

Archituthis is known for being aggressive. 


Peter Benchley (Author of Jaws) even did a novel about it. 



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Really? We haven't even had footage of giant squids till a couple years ago, I doubt we know much about their behavior based off of carcasses and about 10 minutes of video.

A fictional novel is not a good source.

They could be aggressive, but I don't think there is anything recorded about giant squids attacking anything or showing aggressive behavior. Again it is speculation. Just because an animal is predatory does not always equate with aggression. I'd like to see some concrete as evidence for their reputation.

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It can probably be inferred from sperm whale wounds and scars that they probably do attack if threatened

Most animals try to fight back when being eaten. I'd doubt this is proves aggressive behavior. 


The squid is shown to be red in the video. Do giant squid change colors when annoyed, angry or are in distress?

I don't think anyone knows for sure because of lack of data on them. I believe white coloration is a sign of distress/anger in some other species of squid. 

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