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  1. So, I was browsing the forum this evening, and I noticed there wasn't a thread dedicated to psychology! It's a pretty interesting field of study, if not being difficult to study (cause humans are weird) and mired in controversy (thanks, Stanford University). But in also being a very interesting discipline, it's also pretty friggin important to keep track of your mental health. I'm posting below part of a convo from the gun control thread, where we talked about depression (and suicide). Sorry to start off so morbid, but that is the only psychological discussion I know of on here; hopefully someone else knows of some studies about other psychological tendencies of humans, preferably not so macabre. and before I forget, I'm putting this in open discussion as I don't think it goes in the bioscience subforum, but I could be completely wrong.
  2. Lord_James

    General news thread

  3. Lord_James

    General news thread

    A concise summary of European politics.
  4. Have there been tests using APS to protect against guided bombs and other aerial munitions, or is it just assumed the APS can handle it if it can defeat top-down ATGMs?
  5. Lord_James

    Dealing with declassified/classified/secret data

    That ‘below the turret ring’ link I posted has several (7, I counted) pictures explicitly labeled ‘secret’, and a couple leaked Chinese armor arrays for good measure
  6. Lord_James

    Dealing with declassified/classified/secret data

    Look, @Laviduce, that is for THAT forum, not THIS forum. Whatever rules SteelBeasts has are not the rules for Sturgeons House, or War Thunder, or wherever. If that forum says no, then it’s their problem, and only their problem.
  7. Lord_James

    General AFV Thread

    Looks back at the XM60...
  8. Lord_James

    Dealing with declassified/classified/secret data

    https://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.com/2017/01/early-m1-abrams-composite-armor.html?m=1 he needs to calm his shit, is what he needs to do.
  9. Where does the driver sit? Or is the driver one of those machine gunners in the front?
  10. Lord_James

    What would a robot tank look like?

    I mean, it seems logical for the near future, the M113 being one of the cheapest chassis to make and modify, and there’s lots of space inside for electronics, sensors, and armament/ammo. But afterwards (30+ years is my safe guess), there will be custom chassis for the robot vehicles. The Bradley, BMP/MT-LB, Puma, and AJAX (among a hundred others) also look like good chassis’ that can be modified relatively easy, but the M113 seems like a much cheaper and equally effective solution.
  11. Lord_James

    What would a robot tank look like?

    I would think a lot of them would look like M113s, as that type of chassis is easy and cheap to make, and highly modifiable. Israel is already fooling around with a robotic M113, and I wouldn’t doubt most of the other superpowers are close behind in terms of large UGVs.
  12. Lord_James

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    That might be true for people who know what they’re talking about, but to many of Iran’s citizens, this is ground breaking (or should I say, wave breaking ). Hell, they might tout his as “our warships are so advanced, we can invade America!” Or something along those lines.
  13. Inb4 your exceptionally generous social services.
  14. Lord_James

    Israeli AFVs

  15. This NEEDS to happen, get those old farts out of there and some new blood in. Though i doubt it will get through Congress... maybe an executive order, backed by the courts and a select few congressmen/women could force it through and hold it until the next election.
  16. Lord_James

    Future of AFVs

    The Washington naval treaty would like to have a word with you. But technology also gets smaller: mechanical loading systems were on warships long before they were on tanks; radar and radar countermeasures, too; as well as computers; and active defense systems (CIWS).
  17. Lord_James


    Building on this tangent: would a perforated DU equipped SLERA perform better against APDSFS than DU equipped NERA/NxRA?
  18. Lord_James

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    ... ... when people tell me America and Europe are the most racist places in the world... I’ve never seen such concentrated cancer on the internet before (I don’t go looking for places like that, though). Hehehe, they call us biased, yet it’s a fucking echo chamber over there. And we’re the cucks, hehehe.
  19. Lord_James

    The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    Removing Animea; Iwo Jima edition. Bonus: Allen M. Sumner class at Iwo Jima.
  20. Lord_James

    Future of AFVs

    Why does it seem like a twin gun system is a winning option for defeating APS? Though, I suppose some kind of autoloading system that can *double tap* the target could work. *maybe an autoloader system that has a mode that loads a shell, then holds a second shell near the gun, and reloads it rapidly when firing at APS protected tanks. Something like FASTDRAW for the M1.
  21. Lord_James

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Does the 2A6/7 have AMAP+D tech or is it just NERA wedge+D tech like the 2A5?
  22. What do you mean narrative? That should be the basic operating procedure for anything regarding law and punishment. Fucking twats, do you want a gestapo? Cause that’s how you create a gestapo.
  23. Lord_James

    Future of AFVs

    Double cannons FTW!
  24. Turn ‘em into some artillery, like the M40 GMC, and then buy some T-55/62s from the Russian Federation.