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  1. https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/s-file/S-584-110.html An 80,000 ton battleship proposal, meant to be the maximum size that could still use the Panama Canal. this one in particular is my favorite out of all the 80,000 ton proposals because she is armed with sextuple, 16 inch turrets, for a broadside of 24 shells, or 3 times that of the Colorado class (or all 3 Colorado’s combined). Also has 18 inch belt armor and a claimed maximum speed of 25 knots.
  2. Hmmmm, for them to gain experience points to upgrade their virtual tanks, they would have to play mostly the online multiplayer... which is certainly how real life warfare is fought... *has flashbacks to kamikaze Ju-87s and Uber flanking, spawn camping light tanks*
  3. I know this says WoT and WT, but would this also include World of Warships (WoWs), since several people have posted about world of warplanes?
  4. They’ve started to get below 3 hours in 100% Eternal runs 2 hours, 17 minutes for Doom 2016, as well
  5. Another pretty good metal soundtrack, some of my favorites being “Inferno” (4:21), “Devil”, and “Phobos Anomaly”. Names and times of specific tracks are in the description of the video. Also, some of Mick Gordon’s previous work:
  6. I guess I’ll say it: it’s not as good as the 2016 soundtrack. None of the tracks really stand out to me, unlike the original’s “Rip and Tear” “Damnation” “BFG Division” or even the short “At Doom’s Gate”. A lot of the notes used also sound a little to electronic/synthetic, and the base is notably reduced. Also, this soundtrack starts with what could be considered ambiance music, unlike 2016’s opening being a short monologue and then directly into some of the best metal I’ve ever heard.
  7. Saudi AF is too busy bombing schools and hospitals to attack the Houthis
  8. Was about to ask the same question about size limit. Now, I do remember that Mowag made a 10x10 version of the Piranha once, might go with something like that. There is only the 30mm auto cannon and the RRs? No larger auto cannons or artillery / field guns?
  9. I guess I should have specified that the bullets were of similar construction, and proportionally scaled to each other, but yes, bullet anatomy is just as important as its striking energy.
  10. Conversely, if you’re looking for something more empirical to base your judgments on, you can calculate the energy each bullet has within that range; more energy would imply more penetration for dealing with body armors and punching through make-shift fortifications like stone/concrete, though this is not always the case.
  11. After getting some time to read through the article provided by @Militarysta (thank you), I can sorta see how they can pull it off: Manganese and Silicon are both great for making strong steel, manganese increasing the harden-ability of low carbon steels, and silicon also increasing the harden-ability, and having the added benefit of maintaining the harness after tempering. http://navweaps.com/index_nathan/metalprpsept2009.php#Manganese http://navweaps.com/index_nathan/metalprpsept2009.php#Silicon The retention of the bainite is still a mystery to me, as tempering and annealing (as discussed in the article) would transform the bainite with the remaining austenite into a more stable structure (again, pearlite), though maybe the large amount of silicon present (1.56-1.61% by mass) is interfering? I’m curious too see how this armor develops, if they can make the plates thicker, or if they can keep the quality control while making these plates on a full industrial level.
  12. Huh, that’s weird, usually Bainite is undesired for armor or structural components due to excessive brittleness: http://navweaps.com/index_nathan/metalprpsept2009.php#Bainite pearlite being just as tough but less brittle (on average) and martensite also being less brittle, and even tougher. Unless they want the contents of the container to fall out after the first hit, like ERA or something similar, this doesn’t look like an advancement.
  13. That fire resistance is probably only valid whilst he is still mortal, and will become null when he dies; Satan rarely denies himself the pleasure of fucking with his servants.
  14. Stay safe over there, Stimpy: the situation is probably not going to get much better due to both sides increasing their aggression.
  15. That’s because these refugees maintain the crisis that keeps the politicians elected; why would they solve the problem that gives them so much power and money? This situation reminds me of the last ~200 years of the Roman Empire...
  16. Democrats: “There are no wrong opinions! Everyone has the right to speak their mind, and be heard!” Republicans: exist* Democrats: “CEnsOr!!!!! wROng oPInioNS!!!! SlaNDeR and DeFAMe!!!!“
  17. Ok, did some research, and it turns out that the Earth-Sun L2 point is ~1.5 million km from Earth, give or take, and the umbra that Earth casts is only ~1.4 million km in length... which means this point is never in full shadow, and you cannot use the Earth or any vector within the vicinity of the Earth to radiate a spacecraft’s heat. On a side note, I feel incredibly inconvenienced by these facts.
  18. Rent an old fire engine, mix the ingredients in the tank, and let her rip
  19. That’s usually the story when someone has a overwhelming air superiority. I doubt those akbars even had manpads with them.
  20. A consideration with using nuclear generated electricity on a telescope is that the radiative surfaces to cool the scope would have to be large, which would necessitate a wider radius to increase the surface area without overlapping the radiative vectors, which would increase the moment of inertia. This might not be that big of a problem, considering a lot of telescopes just look at one location for long periods of time, but would pose a problem when trying to turn 180 if there is an urgent requirement (asteroids and such). Also, launching such a large satellite will cause problems, unless we work on our microgravity construction techniques. Though, on advantage of it being so far out (the Earth-Sun L2), you could indeed use volatile coolants like NaK, not that big of an environmental risk cause space is already inhospitable, though Earth’s gravity might render this point moot if coolant leaves the L2 area at certain vectors.
  21. I heard there was some kind of voting dispute, and that someone tried to rig the election...
  22. yep, a low “square” bridge fletcher class. The majority of Fletchers completed were to that design, so narrowing it down is gonna take some effort.
  23. Mk.33 twin Mount for the 3” L/50 RF Mk.22. http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_3-50_mk27-33-34.php This gun appears to be on the oiler from the first set of pictures, based on the shape of the derrick and boom, though this particular picture may be further aft? the stack isn’t in any of these pictures, but I assume that this is the same ship, just a different angle.
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