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    I Learned Something Today

    Actually no, I meant the Democrats. If that claim is true (and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was), I would personally find it humorous for its blatant hypocrisy. And I did just read about the Warren, Indian thing on the “democracy dies” thread: lol that’s rich.
  2. Lord_James

    I Learned Something Today

    I would like a good laugh, is there a source for this?
  3. You're telling me the Arjun could have been a worse design?! I struggle to comprehend that.
  4. Lord_James

    The Creative Side of SH

    I have a lot on my mind, incoming spitballs: Film: Star Wars movies (Darth Vader movie [this I would like to complete first, before Disney makes a shit version], as well as an Old Republic series and complete destruction and replacement of the new trilogy). Doomtm experimental film following the new 2016 storyline (protagonist Doom Guy is completely silent, as he should be [maybe grunts and sighs], and dialogue is provided by people around him). Literature: "Unholy" (a triage of books following a character who is unwillingly turned into a vampire, but decides to ally himself with the Church and defeat other hellions). probably generic, but has potential. Assorted fiction books (medieval fantasy, space fiction, alternate realities, etc.) Games: Doom "Apocalypse" (Set up before the new Doom "Eternal", this tells the story of the humans who fought against the demons as they conquered the world, with optional multiplayer story [will elaborate if interested]). Warship game (no name yet), detailing warships from the turn of the century (post HMS Dreadnaught to be exact), up to 1950 (before ASMs), where you can choose to upgrade your warships based on either historical modifications or customize the ships' weaponry (can explain in more detail, if desired), and scaling tiers based on your modifications/custom designs. Dead Spacetm 4 (I am thoroughly unsatisfied with how they ended the series, and wish to rectify that with a new game. Contains optional multiplayer story line [like Doom, above]). God of War MMORPG (like Elder Scrolls online, but God of War themed, where you can choose the culture you start out in [which determine where on Earth you start, and your unique abilities], and you can travel to other cultures and meet [and/or kill] other deities). This is all I could remember off the top of my head. Just ask if you want me to expand upon any of these ideas.
  5. Lord_James

    The Creative Side of SH

    I’m terrible with words (I post more on this site than I speak IRL, on average), being lysdexic and usually thinking in a form of shorthand that only marginally resembles the English language, which can make speaking strange as I sometimes take long pauses between words as I “translate” my thoughts. But (at least, I think) I’m creative, and passionate about fiction (science or otherwise). I do have one question though: is this “creative zone” only for books/scripts/literature or can I post, like, video game ideas? Anyway, cool thread. The first 5 pages were funny with the fan fics and bizarre romance, almost had me in tears twice (Colli’s weird porcelain penguin/reaper thing that lived off the souls of virgins was priceless). Awesome work @Sturgeon, with the wendigo book (I assume it’s a wendigo, based on the general description of the creature, location of the events, and references to cannibalism), I hope you haven’t abandoned that project, I look forward to reading more!
  6. Could they be thinking of this? Because those still aren't Kornet's, they're Ataka's, and thus would still be very wrong.
  7. “Oh no, who could have ever found out that this obvious lie is obvious!”
  8. Lord_James

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    I second the Osorio, was a surprisingly well made tank despite no prior experience making MBTs from Engesa; just wheeled death traps. I would personally have loved to see what would have happened if someone (Saudi Arabia probably, maybe Thailand or Indonesia too) did buy the Osorio and Engesa didn't go bankrupt.
  9. Lord_James

    Tank Layout

    Welcome to SH! Personally I love the Obj. 640, it's quite the innovative design (at least, if it works as advertised, which is always and adventure when talking about prototypes and test beds). But some of the things you mentioned I don't think would help. Yes, sure, this is indeed a solution to a problem. But how much of a problem is it? Often times, when a vehicle is penetrated, comparatively few crew become casualties, as described here. (just click the text and it will take you to another site, where I got my info). The biggest threat to a "complete crew kill" would be a catastrophic ammo explosion, but since the ammo is separated, there's not a lot of threat from that. In general, placing crew below the turret line would be a better solution that separating out the crew, rather than with some within a crew capsule and some outside (this might cause resentment and animosity from the crew placed outside the capsule, as the capsule obviously has better protection). this is exactly the problem products like "Iron Vision" are trying to solve. No matter how many periscopes you place around the tank, you will never have as much situational awareness as if you just stick your head out a hatch, without possibly compromising the armor of said tank. With Iron Vision, and similar products, you don't even need your crew in the vehicle (so long as you can keep a secure connection), but it's probably better to keep them in (some of) the tanks. And as you said, this would negate the problems with having all your crew in the hull (though, purportedly, the Armata doesn't have bad situational awareness). Hmmm, so they have to open a hatch to get into the turret space, then another hatch to get outside? That sounds like a little to much work. If I were to make a design, I would make the tank similar to the Merkava (front engine, rear crew space). With the introduction of the Mark 4, the front hull armor is quite good yet doesn't impede maintenance of the engine, while the rear compartment places the crew as far away from enemy gunfire as possible (whilst still remaining within the tank). The turret would be unmanned, with a bustle loader, launcher based APS (Iron Fist, more specifically), autocannon resistant (lets say resists 25mm M791 from the M242 at 250m), and placed upon the hull roof, separated from the crew. All 4 crew (commander, gunner, driver, robotic wingman operator*) would be in the hull, just below the turret (with the turret mass generally covering the crew from above), and equip them with an under armor surveillance system (i.e. Iron Vision). * The "robotic wingman operator" would be a crew member who manages (and possibly controls, if armed) the various unmanned ground, aerial, and (if applicable) floating/submerged vehicles that assist the tank in battle.
  10. Just happened, I took a screen shot of it cause that’s history right there
  11. Obviously our god emperor, Trump! But this is always a good question, as humans naturally try to destroy themselves... or at least benefit themselves in the short term and completely disregard any long term consequences. Perhaps a more fibrous diet, like a term limit for the House of Representatives (and possibly the Senate as well), to keep things fresh and moving? A way to screen a candidate for their ability to think critically and compromise would also be a welcome change. Just spitballing ideas.
  12. As referenced several (3?) times on this thread: Washington DC needs a hearty, Stalin-era purging, of almost everyone on both sides, and replacement by people who are willing to cooperate, not just earn their pay check and squabble like retards with microphones. I would think of this as a political laxative, as both remove large amounts of shit and ease the pain of the guts of our political machine, making it more efficient, as well as more comfortable for all involved.
  13. Lord_James

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Is it just me, or is the Zumwalt hideous?
  14. Lord_James

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    I haven’t worked on my design at all since I posted a week ago.
  15. Lord_James

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Still waiting on German 37mm AA guns getting their APCR, like the Ju 87 Gs.
  16. When you put it that way, the Bradley sounds like a tumor... which I won’t argue against.
  17. Lord_James

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    This might be stupid, but couldn’t you make that 300mm long handguard in 3x 100mm long pieces and fuse them together? It might not look pretty, but it should get the job done without having to worry to much about warping.
  18. What the hell happened to the drivers hatch?
  19. Lord_James

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    After doing some research, and some better math, I found different numbers for my shell’s penetration. Using this formula: E= energy of projectile A= armor resistance factor (1960 for tungsten carbide against 240bhn armor steel) D= Diameter of penetrator (in decimeters) S= armor thickness And solved for S, you get an equation that will give you a penetration figure for your shell that’s close to RL (I tested 90mm M304 and 76mm M93 and came out to 322mm (12.68 inches) and 235mm (9.25 inches) at PB, respectively). Using this and the data I got from JBM and the load calculator for my projectile, I am now getting numbers that look like: point blank: 447mm @ 0* 335mm @ 30* 2000m: 232mm @ 0* 174mm @ 30* I am now pondering how I made a weapon so poweful by mistake, but then again my shell is over 1kg heavier, and moving about 200m/s faster, that M304, so I guess it makes sense that my shell would penetrate more armor.
  20. impressive, though I question the stability and accuracy of that vehicle while firing.
  21. Lord_James

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Interesting threads by a WT user to try and calculate realistic shell performance: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/426787-realistic-performace-of-apcr-against-flat-armor/ https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/418496-realistic-88mm-kwkpak-43-apcbc-performance/ https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/419016-realistic-performance-of-soviet-flat-nosed-ap-shells-apbc/ There's a couple more, too. Any truth behind all this effort, @Bronezhilet?
  22. Lord_James

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    The things that are/have been happening, I couldn’t care less about... but someone else does care, so it’s my fucking problem now. The things that are going to happen are going to be serious though, I just need to work up the courage... whenever the hell that will be (I’m quite timid /reserved /introverted IRL). On top of that, I feel like I’ve hit the ground emotionally, and have lost a lot of motivation over the past months. Coupled with all the stress from the other bullshit, I feel pretty low RN. ... ... ... Point is, it would take a damn miracle for me to complete my vehicle by the end of September... in my opinion. As much as I want to do this, I can’t make my vehicle and figure out my life shit at the same time; and even though I desire this project above my IRL responsibilities, I have to focus on my life. Good luck, Lord James