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  1. Apologies, I didn’t mean the whole thing, but Afrin and Aleppo are kinda deep in there, just looked through and found the end of Afrin at page 500 (March 2018), and I found a post on page 402 that says SAA are approaching northwest part of Aleppo province, where Afrin is. Hope that narrows it down.
  2. I assume you have read through the Syrian war thread?
  3. ... well, it wouldn’t be the first time a psychopath has been in office.
  4. I think they’re there (if they are backpacks) because the company is representing how many dismounts it can carry, and that’s not exactly where the passengers’ equipment will actually be stored.
  5. You forgot to mention that this guy also probably lives in his parents attic/basement, is 250lbs, and lives off welfare.
  6. Lord_James

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    2 things: 1. Source? 2. Is this chart suggesting that M900 is only as powerful as M111 Hetz? Cause M111 could penetrate the T-72 at range (just barely), but the graph also shows M900 just barely penetrating a T-72 at range.
  7. Holy cow, I didn’t think the French had that many types of AFVs in the late 30s! Good luck on the vid
  8. I’m pretty sure what you meant to say is: imported American armor tangental: will you also cover captured and modified vehicles like the Lorraine schlepper Marders (Sd.Kfz 135), S303/7(f) / U304(f) / P204(f) conversions, etc?
  9. Lord_James

    Israeli AFVs

    reminds me of this with that overly tall turret ring.
  10. To add to this, working together on something (preferably something we have common ground on, like terrorism) would be an excellent solution for long term peace between our countries... at least it’s better than thinking we’re back in the 60’s, and vilifying them; Last time I checked, you make friends by being nice/polite/respectful. Then again, I have no friends, so I wouldn’t know
  11. Lord_James

    Syrian conflict.

    *squints really hard* is that a 52-K? (Forgive my ignorance)
  12. Lord_James


    Highly disappointing. The Armata program had a lot going for it: — reduced logistical burdens from standardized parts. — quick modularity and upgradability. — enhanced crew safety. Oh well Maybe some other country can produce (in actual numbers) an MBT with remote turret/crew capsule... or maybe someone can fire those guys whom cancelled the program and reinstate the Armata and Kurganets, soon.
  13. Lord_James

    Israeli AFVs

    Doesn’t the Trophy already do that?
  14. "Women love him. Men hate him. See Bogfoot's trick to becoming an absolute lady killer!" Also, remove furry:
  15. Lord_James

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Those aren’t required courses at the Karl Marx college of law
  16. I think the worst part about this is someone got paid writing this... Sometimes I wonder if I should change careers
  17. Lord_James

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    I have a Pakwagon (I earned it the hard way): it’s not all that fun, and frankly I feel like I wasted all that time I used to grind it, especially now that I don’t play WT anymore. The gun is great (like +30mm pen over normal KwK40 on the Pz.Vors) and good speed, but horrifically vulnerable to anything that finds you... and the horizontal firing arc leaves something to be desired. Think; hellcat without a turret. Unless you can surprise your enemies, don’t go into close quarters... which is actually the majority of maps Gaijiggle forces you into at those tiers... so you’re lucky if you get over 3 kills on maps like “Advance to the Rhine” or “Poland”, or the enemy team is full of incompetents, which is always an option. If you want a similar experience, play the Marder III H.
  18. An good DNC candidate? What heresy is this!?
  19. Lord_James

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

  20. Lord_James

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Maybe something like the EMES-13 the Germans were working on? I believe it’s on the Leopard 2 PT-14 mod(?), and worked pretty well, except it was expensive. Edit: because we need to keep on topic, here’s a picture.
  21. Lord_James

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Leopard 1A6... prototype?
  22. To add to what everyone else has said: 1. If papa Trump (or “Putin’s slave”) really wanted this guy gone, he’d be fucking gone. Some (not-so-) nice men in ski-masks would have taken him to where ever and beaten him numb. Since this scum is still around (for now), it should be questionable whether Trump is Putin’s bitch. 2. So it’s ok for the US to seek justice for appearant “Russian spying”, that has questionable evidence I might add, but it’s not ok for Russia to seek justice for this guy pillaging their country, and they have all the evidence to prove it? Totally not hypocritical.