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Some questions for the experts about autocannons.


Is the new Rheinmetall 35mm x228 Wotan a derivation of the Rh 503 (and therefore linked to the Bushmaster III 35/50 family)?


and, in this case, is it possible to expect a future evolution in a 50mm Wotan / Supershot, with the same interchangeability's characteristics ?


What could be an estimated value of muzzle velocity and the penetration capability of APFSDS of the 50mm Supershot ?

(Williams in his 2013 addenda to the "Rapid Fire" book wrote about 140mm RHAe@1500m@90°)


thank you in advance


PS : a thread about modern/future autocannons and the implications of their evolution could be very interesting 

 sorry if if already exists and I missed it :)


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On 6/3/2018 at 4:30 AM, Vicious_CB said:

Any idea why ze germans chose a HEAT shaped design?

My version: they tried to reduce parasitic mass of windshield compared to cone-shaped design. Such design affects less on axial fragment spray.

Also spike design provides higher aerodinamic static stability margin compared to cone design, so you can make fins smaller or reduce fin count or move center of gravity to the base by adding base fuze, there are lot of factors.

On 6/3/2018 at 4:30 AM, Vicious_CB said:

I cant imagine the shape is properly optimized to punch through concrete like the other HE rounds are designed to do.

From penetration point of view all projectiles look same, they all have solid, ~1 caliber head if you remove windshield.

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Shape stabilisation increases drag though, and increasing drag together with lowering mass is a double whammy for your deceleration numbers. Although I haven't checked if the increase in Mv offsets the increase in drag.

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4 hours ago, Bronezhilet said:

...and increasing drag together with lowering mass is a double whammy for your deceleration numbers.


Unless you're using the parasitic mass savings to carry a bigger warhead, or a better (e.g. multi-mode) fuse

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