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Syrian conflict.

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Yesterday, during take off from Hmeymim AB a Su-24 crashed, both pilots dead.




captains Yuri Medvedkov and navigator Yuri Kopylov.


One of possible reasons is high amount of flights. Either crew or mechanical problem.


   MOSCOW, October 10. / TASS /. VKS of Russia done 182 air strikes in a day against militants of the "Islamic state". This was reported on Tuesday by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov.
   "On October 10, Russian military aircraft continued to destroy the ISIS fighters that invaded Deir ez Zor (Syria) from western Iraq." Konashenkov said.


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SDF report on their fight against ISIS.


NEWS DESK- Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign completed its first month, and the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated 3468 km2, and 156 mercenaries were killed. In addition to that 50,000 civilians were liberated.

So 1 ISIS member per 22 km2? Seriously? This is like almost daily casualties of ISIS/SAA. 156 killed in a whole month?

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@Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet

Oleg Blokhin on what happened from 28th Sept to 5th Oct and how ISIS managed to cut road between Deir EzZor and rest of Syria:




Translation (short):

   During 28th Sept reports of ISIS attack on Deir EzZor-Palmyra highway started to appear, which is not a surprise as frontline was not far from some of parts of that road, especially Sukhna-Deir EzZor. Closer to the evening there was information about 2 villages - Shola and Kobaijeb being captured by ISIS, likely one of them was place where 2 Russians were taken. In the same time a pro-ISIS resources [internet, forums, accounts in social medias, etc] started to spread hysterical claims of victories. Rest of what i will tell i heard from participants of operation [to clear road].

   Apperently ISIS during raid on villages captured several technicals [SAA/NDF], while those units that were in villages got out of them and stopped north from villages, but didn't communicated in time about the situation. Road was not closed, so some people that traveled on it were killed. ISIS used captured technicals and moved using the same road towards Sukhna, with captured technicals driving in front of the rest of ISIS forces, driving through several checkpoints, and basically taking big part of it under their control.

   ISIS leadership looks like to recognise oportunity pulled some forces to highway and Sukhna itself and during next day (Sept 29) attempted to assault it, managed to take hills to the south of it and to the east. ISIS-connected outlets claimed control over Sukha-Arak road, but it was not true, it was under SAA control.

   Sept 30 - reports on fighting in Al-Qaratyan [city roughly south of Palmyra], some reported about ISIS raid teams, but in reality there was a revolt of pro-ISIS locals, although coordinated with ISIS commanders to increase chances of their operation in Sukhna. 

   Up to 4th Oct ISIS managed to advance in Sukha capturing areas to the west of city and part of Sukhna-Arak road. City itself was defended by SAA (Haras Jumhuri, Shield of Mukhobarat NDF) and Fatimioun. Pro ISIS resources were claiming some ridiculous things like attacks on T4 base, that Sukhna was fully under ISIS control and advances to Palmyra. It was, in principle, understandable that scumbags don't have the strength to continue attack and hold on for quite some time what they managed to capture over these days. 

   Night from 4th to 5th Sept was critical as ISIS assault teams managed to get on hills Tantur to the north of Sukhna and put several ZUs there that were firing at everything that moved and sources of light in the city. Several assault teams were already formed in Palmyra and they begun operation to clear roads in the morning of Sept 5th.

   Before lunch, the road from Arak to Sukhna was clear, as was Sukhna itself. The devils retreated to the south and east of the city. In the following days, the Sukhna-Deir EzZor Zor section of highway was cleared as well.
   The heralds also runned out of steam, which pleases us no less. They continued to carry their nonsense, but many already understood that they had been completely beaten. And wunderkids in Al-Qaratyan will be ended pretty soon.
   Now SAA is storming Mayadin. With its capture, the destruction of the ISIS on the west side of the Euphrates and the taking under full control of the SAA border with Iraq on this side will become a matter of very short time.



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