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  1. Hard to call it news when it's about more than 20 years old situation, but anyway retired Lieutenant Colonel Charlie “Tuna” Hainline, an F-117 pilot, said that in April 1999 his wingman was hit by Serbian SAM over Belgrade but managed to get back to base. According to him he saw two SAMs, one exploded and the other "kind of went into space". According to the article he was awarded DFC for managing the tanker randevous with the crippled bird. 


  2. 2 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

    Against SS190... Not that impressive. Not a very powerful round.


    Both of the helmets are 30 years old. I would say it is impressive considering their age. 


    Anyway out of curiosity did US military or SWAT units use any sort of heavy ballistic helmets similar to these Soviet/Russian ones? 


    Also a genuine question. Which helmets can withstand more than SS190? 

  3. Prague aircraft museum Kbely finished restoration of Avia Av-14 (Czechoslovak built Il-14). When I was there two months ago I have noticed that since my last visit three years ago they restored C-47, Phantom FGR.2 and Su-25K. Next one to restore is probably going to be Il-18 (and I really really hope they'll restore the Tu-104 which is standing there too!).   


  4. More details about the Ukrainean Dana M2 deal.



    In short:

    - the contract was signed in 2018 and originally was for 66 units however it was reduced to 26 (possibly for financial reasons)

    - the contract contains 5000 HE-Frag and 1000 long range DN1CZ rounds

    - the price of the contract is 40 million USD


    The article discusses the controversy going around it especially due to the fact that the SPH uses the same old 152 mm old gun as the original vz.77 Dana, i.e. it's limited to maximum 25,5 km range, however it names a lot of reasons why it is still reasonably good deal for Ukraine. 

    - Ukraine doesn't produce 155 mm ammo (Artem company went bankrupt with large debts) and Dana can fire Soviet 152 mm ammo

    - Ukraine probably isn't able to buy guided ammo and without it the fire on longer distances than 25 km makes little sense due to an enormous ammo quantity needed for guaranteed destruction of the target

    - Dana still outranges most of the other artillery guns around such as the most common 2S1, 2S3, D-20 and D-30  

    - The vehicle has number of advantages, namely fully automated operation with 36 ready-to-fire rounds, large ammo capacity (36+24), crew under armor during fire, high tactical mobility, modern FCS with automatic setting of action position, short time to deploy and to leave (90/60 seconds), higher rate of fire than most of the other guns around (5 RPM initial, 4 RPM sustained), high reliability and lower cost

    - The article states that Dana M2 is able to deploy, fire accurately 6 rounds and leave in 220 seconds and repeat this cycle six times by using only ammo stored in the automatic magazine which makes it rather safe from counter-battery fire 

    - They also mention that Azeri Dana M1 were successfully used in Nagorno Karabakh on the souther front where they were heavily engaged in battles of Handrut, Schushi and Lachin corridor including repelling Armenian counter offensive on 7-9. October 

    - Last but not least the article states that from the EU and Western countries only Czech and Slovak companies are willing/allowed to sell heavy weapons to Ukraine 


    At the end it's mentioned that Ukraine is indeed going to use Tatra chassis in the future. For now it's confirmed for Neptum AShM and Bureviy heavy MLRS. 

  5. Possible game changer in the Czech IFV tender. Rheinmetall yesterday signed creation of a joint venture with Tatra defence (in Czech presidential palace) for production and development of tactical combat vehicles in Tatra facilities in Kopřivnice (not limited to Lynx). If nothing else it means that both ASCOD and Lynx would be produced in Tatra. 


  6. 21 minutes ago, heretic88 said:

    BTW, werent there any plans to use something bigger than a DSKM or NSVT? Maybe a ZPU-2, SPG-9, ZU-23?


    Actually none of these three weapons was ever used by ČSLA. 


    We had our own weapons used in their roles. As a light AA weapon we had the 30 mm PLDvK vz.53 (you know for sure the self propelled version of armoured Praga V3S used a lot in Yugoslav wars). And as a recoilles rifle we had the 84 mm BZK vz.59A. Both weapons are already phased out. 

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