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Here are the reasons.   1) It might make Americans sympathetic to Philippines President Duterte. That's because Duterte = Trump > Hitler.   2) Because we have our own news story

Some guy took a selfie with the hijacker:

7 hours ago, Lostwingman said:

Putin seems like a fun guy.


I think part of the appeal of Putin (and Trump) in the United States is that they speak and react like normal human beings.



They understand humor and use sarcasm and satire in order to further an argument. Putin here is very much self aware, particularly with how his intended audience and his adversaries perceive him.


Now you may or may not agree with them politically. But their mastery of being able to speak to the common guy is an asset. 




Lol at blaming snow in Moscow on Trump and American Imperialism.


Edit: Yes I know it's RT but it's video and they did a good job of condensing a 2 hour seminar into these four funny sound bites. 

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19 hours ago, Ramlaen said:

That's one of my favorite urban legends. 


Qatar has less than a day to accept these demands by the Saudis, UAE, and friends:

  • break relations with Iran
  • expel Hamas members
  • freeze bank accounts of Hamas members
  • expel all Muslim Brotherhood members
  • expel anti-GCC elements
  • end support for terrorists
  • stop interfering in Egypt
  • end Al Jazeera
  • apologize for Al Jazeera broadcasting anti-Saudi stuff
  • pledge allegiance to the GCC

I doubt the Qataris can do all these things within the day. 


Trump said something about Qatar, which in Trumpian fashion, is neither false nor entirely correct. 

Saudis probably got the OK to go through with this during the orb visit and seeming have used Qatar as a scapegoat for all their salafist militants murdering across the world. 


For reference, Qatar's military is primarily Pakistani mercenaries and is smaller than the US CENTCOM force that is in the country.


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The terrorist attack in Tehran
   Information is still very limited, judging by the first reports of various Iranian media, a group of four militants broke into the building of the Iranian parliament and there continues shooting with security. Several dead and injured were reported. Simultaneously, three militants tried to penetrate the mausoleum of the founder of the republic Imam Khomeini, one of them was detained, one was killed, but one more managed to blow himself up.



Sounds of gunfire in parlament building


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   Meanwhile, the number of dead and injured is increasing, according to preliminary data, 12 people died in the attacks and more than 30 people were injured.      A special operation of the police and the IRGC continues in the parliament building. Deputies also continue to be in the courtroom, perhaps security forces are not evacuating them from there until all the terrorists in the building are liquidated. Near the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, security measures have been strengthened and searching of the surrounding area is under way.
   According to the Department for Combating Terrorism of Iran's Ministry of Information (Intelligence), three groups of terrorists penetrated Tehran, one of them was detained before they committed the terrorist attack, but the other two were able to attack the targets.



   Killed terrorist by guards near the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, you can see his weapon - automatic rifle, spare mags, grenades and possibly a suicide belt, which he did not have time to blow up.





ISIS video from parlament, NSFW



Killed terrorists by IRGC, NSFW:







IRGC personal outside of Parlament:




Those guys are probably part of Saberin.

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   According to the publication "Poutine passe a la vitesse superieure aupres d'Haftar" in the French bulletin "Intelligence online", over the past few weeks the Kremlin has further strengthened its support for the Libyan marshal Khalifa Haftar, who is a participant in the civil war in Libya. According to the bulletin, the Russians delivered directly to him MiG-27 fighter-bombers.




The MiG-23 fighter of unknown origin at the Libyan airbase, 2017 (c) twitter.com/P4ND4S3C



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