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Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

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Indeed. Hunnicutt relates: "As the tactical situation grew worse with the German advance [through the Ardennes in December 1944], the 740th [Tank Battalion] moved to the Ordnance Vehicle Depot at Sprimont, Belgium to draw whatever combat vehicles were available...Two brand new M24 light tanks were at the depot by mistake. Part of the original shipment of 20 M24s to Europe, two had ended up at Sprimont through a shipping error...The M24 light tanks were particularly popular despite their low slung appearance that caused some recognition problems with the accompanying infantry. On several occasions they were stalked by bazooka teams from the 30th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division who mistook them for German Panther tanks. As a result, the two little tanks were nicknamed 'Panther Pups' by the battalion."

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From the 1970's film "Achtung! The Desert Tigers" comes this clip of Allied troops ambushing(?) a platoon of German tanks consisting of M4 Sherman hulls with AMX 13 turrets.  It's a terrible low budget Italian feature and it stars Richard Harrison, most famous for the being the star of various ultra low budget 80's Ninja movies.  Harrison will forever be remembered for the scene in "Ninja Terminator" in which he receives a call on a Garfield themed phone.



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