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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread


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So here's Japan's Linkin Park. Maybe it's just an anime thing that Japanese women raise the pitch of their voice up to fingernails on chalkboard levels? 


Huh, and me I thought MacArthur replaced their women with a breed of sentient squeak toys that could only communicate by giving themselves the Heimlich.


Pretty cool though, most of the Japanese music I've heard has been totally ruined for me by the vocal delivery even though it was otherwise pretty cool.

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Shivaree is a respectably obscure... pop?  Alt?  Whatever, it's a band you probably haven't heard of from the late nineties and early 2000s.



But while you haven't heard of them, you have heard them before.  This is because they were featured in the Kill Bill vol. 2 sountrack, from the Halcyon days of several years ago when Quentin Tarantino made movies worth watching:



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I was recently introduced to the genre of folk metal, and some of it is actually quite good. It's interesting to see different bands of different nationalities and how they deal with the genre. For instance, Grai's songs are more towards the folk side of the spectrum, Tengger Cavalry (who include Throat Singing in much of their music) is more metal, and Heidevolk falls somewhere in the middle. They are Russian, Mongolian, and Dutch, respectively.





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You somehow missed Germany when mentioning folk metal. There's a bunch from there though it's often more rock than metal.


Main one I can think of to link right now is In Extremo which has been steadily progressing towards a mix from a start that's real heavy on the folk to stuff like this;



Folk + Other Genre has one of the great highlights of Germany's ongoing commitment to being really weird, too. There's a band floating around that's mixing folk and progressively more metal with electro-industrial, and in stereotypical German fashion has been very fucking weird in incredibly efficient fashion, releasing seven full length concept albums about a templar who gets turned into a vampire, something something. (The only reason I mention that is that the second album's named Kadavergehorsam which amuses me way more than it should).




Also they've got a song that's the St. Crispin's Day speech. Because why not.

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And of course there is Finnish folk metal; the song is about smithing, the name itself means something like "strike" IIRC

Swedish folk metal; this song is actually a very old ballad, about a maiden (although I'm not sure jungfrun means exactly the same thing as the English translation 'maiden') who gets eaten by a werewolf. Different versions of the ballad end differently, sometimes all that's left to help her beloved kill the werewolf is a talking eye, or a tongue, or other things.

Till Eulenspiegel (literally 'Till Owl-mirror') is a well-known trickster hero of German folklore.

Russian folk metal; no idea what it's about

Folk metal from China, easy enough to follow with lyrics in English 

Botswanan folk metal band, I wish I knew more about African folk traditions, but the song exposits pretty decently  

Tunisian folk band

Austrian band, they generally do folkish stuff, but they really obsess over the Roman empire

I hesitate to call Powerwolf folk metal, it's more like 'these guys really like to be edgy with religious iconography metal', but Strigoi are a folk thing, so maybe? 

Japanese folk as interpreted by a Swede?


Faroese folk metal band, I think we are all familiar with what Ragnarök is


Týr gets edgy sometimes


Skálmöld are Icelandic, they also really like singing about Norse mythology


I think Tobias Sammet's Avantasia counts


I don't know that Gloryhammer is technically folk, in that I don't know that they're singing about any actual existing folk tradition, but they're pretty fantastic


And of course 'bacon powered pirate metal'


Spanish folk metal, song obviously about Jeanne d'arc


German a capella power metal, definite folk-metalish sound, but not really explicitly folk


I mean tarot cards are technically folk, but we're starting to stretch it here, so I'm gonna call it.


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So my dad linked this to me for whatever reason; am I wrong in thinking these dudes look like neos?


Gosh, how could you be so bigoted? That music tanz-metal, which is a degenerate variant of negro music! Therefore, they cannot be true National Socialists, who would only ever play the pure Aryan tunes of Wagner and other composers from the master race.

#notallnazis #stopthehate #waitIthoughtwewereallabouthate? #umwellit'slikeavictimcomplexthingyouknowlikehowwe'revictimsoftheinternationalzionistconspiracy? #Iguessthatmakessense...

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Oh shit I didn't realize I was being derogatory towards National Socialists and their message of friendship, peace, and tolerance

Somewhere there's an image of someone talking about how Nazism is really misunderstood and we're just gonna have to pretend I linked it because I don't want to google "nazism ideology of peace"

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WT is somewhere between a guilty pleasure and legitimately good.

That's honestly probably the best way of describing WT; I feel like people passing in the street look to each other and say "that guy listens to off-brand Evanescence"

And because ballads are the best form of music known to man, here is some solid metal ballad

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