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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread


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I do approve of their use of varying refrains, mindless masses who would be frustrated at having to memorize extra lyrics to sing along be damned.


I also admire that in songs, it gives them the feel of being somewhat more of a story than just something to be sang plainly, than with occasional reference to that one line you can remember.

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Al Bowlly was a talented jazz crooner from the 1930s and one of the really tragic casualties of Hun aggression in the great world war two.  His vocals are on the initial Ray Noble cut of The Very Thought of You:


But much of his legacy today is probably a side-effect from Stanley Kubrick:

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They are fantastic. I don't even care if that's your kind of music, they are the world's premier band in their genre for a very good fucking reason.

And Floor takes them a whole notch higher. She's better than either of the two previous singers.

Nightwish is Sierra's waifu.  She's seen them several times, including a show over at Wacken.  Lucky little shithead...


Apparently they are pretty cool to hang out with as well. Sierra and Chantal(Ex wife) have both had that privilege.


I <3 Nightwish.

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A good ol' Icelandic song about a dude being murdered by an elf for refusing to give up christianity and live with the elves

Good ol' Swedish ballad about a pregnant woman meeting a werewolf in the woods and being devoured just before her lover arrives

Good ol' Danish poem, set to music by a Faroese band, about a Scottish mercenary who tried to invade Norway on behalf of the Swedes, but found himself killed by Norwegian farmers instead

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In light of recent news regarding Merle Haggard passing. And while I'm reflexively anti-Californian, the Bakersfield Country and Western sound was great. Compare these songs to the schlock that passes for "country music" today.







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If the text scrolled across the screen more slowly I could probably parce it out



Some good ol' christian death metal. This band is actually pretty good, some questionable lyrics notwithstanding


dehumanize yourself and face to christian rock






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