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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread


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Definitely interesting, not sure if it's actually my thing.


So my dad linked this to me for whatever reason; am I wrong in thinking these dudes look like neos?


You're not wrong that they look like neos. It's an intentional gimmick to go full on totalitarian kitsch, and kind of look either fascist or communist and be totally unclear as to which. Their usual line is they're as much nazis as Hitler was a painter, and I tend to buy it, because some stuff is pretty clearly warped-ass humor. Whole lot of weird, but some good stuff.


I have been listening to this awful crap this evening:


I'm reasonably fond of some of that synth stuff. I have literally no idea why.

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One thing I like about Sturgeon's House is that it is a safe space for anyone to express their opinions, provided that the person expressing their opinions is an administrator.  No matter how against the grain, controversial or unpopular an opinion it is, as long as the person expressing it is an administrator, they don't have to worry about e-bullying or other hostility.


Today, I would like to express the opinion that I really like the music of the Grateful Dead.  Yes, I know that this may seem a bit internally inconsistent for someone who has declared it a sacrament to kill all hippies and pile their bloodied corpses into a pyramid so high it would make the ghost of Tamerlane gag.  Yes, I know this may seem a bit out of sorts for someone who has declared Slouching Towards Bethlehem to be the best and only account of the hippie era that anyone needs to read; a tome which details to an uncomfortable degree the number of underaged groupies running around the Dead back in the day.  But what the hell; a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.  You see what I did there?  I quoted Waldo Ralph Emerson, and I think he's a fucking hack and I hate all transcendentalists too.



Speaking of underaged groupies, this song has it all, lyrically speaking.  You've got your drinking, your Satan, your statutory rape, your murdering; everything.


And musically, need I even defend this?  The Grateful Dead were pure Americana; an early example of that indistinct fusion of everything blues-inspired that would explode, and then cool down and coalesce into folk, country, jazz, rock and others.









More Satan





You know what, just light up a blunt, don some pink teashade lenses, drop some acid, make your daily obeisances to the Great Old Ones who will swallow all reality and bring unfathomable madness and terror, put on some beads and turn on Workingman's Dead:



(Yes, I know that's American Beauty.  It doesn't really matter.)


Try it.  See how you feel by the end of it.

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This song shouldn't work, its rhythm and melody should tear it apart and leave it a bloody mess, but damned if it isn't fantastic.



That breakbeat should be totally dissonant with the maudlin piano whatever that string is (harp maybe?), but it just gives it an energy that works so well.


(A23 doesn't have any other songs quite like it but there's a bunch of stuff that's just great).

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