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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread


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The Watson Twins are great.  Jenny Lewis is great.  Together, they are also great:


I would talk about Jenny Lewis, but I already posted Rilo Kiley here, and everyone who's curious can use Wikipedia and Pitchfork.  Former child actor, current indie rock diva.  Here is a song about statutory rape:

Here are the Watson Twins infusing a number by The Cure with country sensibilities and a pinch of heroin:

The studio take is way druggier.

Finally, here is the first track off of Fire Songs:


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The musical scene of Northern Europe has long been tinged with anti-clericalism.  Who could forget the spate of arson attacks conducted by the Norwegian black metal movement on churches?  In one instance, they burned down the church and then took a picture of it to use for their album cover!



But of course, that was peanuts compared to what came before it.  Norwegian black metal musicians committed a few arsons and a few murders here and there.  Their antecedents were far more extreme, far more violent, and so brutal that there is simply no comparison.




Here they are; the great ancestors of contemporary metalheads showing you how it's done.  Those are emissaries of the Pope, and they're throwing them out of a window.  Why?  Because they think the Pope fucking sucks, that's why, and because they're about to kick off a war of massive and unholy bloodshed:








To this day, some of the cathedrals of Europe are still scarred by this centuries-old uprising:




Who were these madmen?  Who were these devotees of Satan, who tore out the faces of the Saints and burned women and children alike?  Who were these dark-hearted apostles of blackest, darkest, blackest, coldest evil?


Motherfucking Lutherans, that's who.  And now we are going to listen to Lutheran music, because Lutherans make modern Satanists look like a bunch of limp-dicked, palsied weaklings when it comes to destroying the Church and causing bloodshed.








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Best rap song happens to be the first by the Sugarhill Gang from 1979. Ninety-eight percent of all rap songs since are drek. 




I long for the days when black musical acts culturally appropriated racially insensitive stereotypes.


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