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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread


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Damn NRA, they keep training children to commit mass shootings!!



... Wait, why is this redneck NRA cousin-fucking sister-kissing backwoods shitstain wearing a turban...





This is why bad things continue to happen

I saw this Tweet from the AP.


BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.



Holy shit!  Not good.

So I do a quick Google search to get some info.

From HuffPo: Man In New Mexico Compound Trained Kids To Commit School Shootings: Court Documents

From CBS News: Man at filthy New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, prosecutors say

From NBC News: Man arrested at New Mexico compound was allegedly training kids to commit school shootings

Comments from Twitter:


BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.


In all seriousness. Was the compound funded by @DLoesch and the @NRA?




BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.




BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.



Yep, they are blaming the NRA.  There are a lot more like this.

Finally, we get over to Fox News, which I know is “Faux News” that only tells lies and is just a propaganda arm for Trump.  This is their headline:

Man arrested at ‘extremist Muslim’ New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings: documents

So it’s not funded by the NRA.  It’s a Madrassa.


The father of a missing 3-year-old who was arrested at a New Mexico compound linked to “extremist Muslims” last week was training children to commit school shootings, court documents filed on Wednesday revealed.

Prosecutors allege Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, was conducting weapons training on the compound, where 11 children were found hungry and living in squalor. They asked Wahhaj be held without bail.

Wahhaj is no stranger to terrorism.


Wahhaj’s family background was already controversial prior to his arrest. Wahhaj is the son of a Brooklyn imam, also named Siraj Wahhaj, who was named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the New York Post reported.


The elder Wahhaj, who heads Masjid At-Taqwa mosque, was a character witness in the trial for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the notorious “blind sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks in the U.S.

That’s not all.  Enter our favorite intersectional feminist.




So Linda Sarsour is proudly tied to a man running an Islamic terror training camp in New Mexico, but the Left all dump on the NRA.

This is why we can’t get along with the other side.

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   On the night of August 10, the Taliban militants attacked Ghazni town from four directions at once, but before that they encircled the city and destroying the checkpoints of the forces of official Kabul. The positions of government troops and police in the city itself were attacked by mortar shells and because of which several fires broke out. One of the main goals for the Taliban was the Ghazni police headquarters.


   By the end of the first day of fighting, the Taliban were able to occupy several areas of Ganzi. One of the main hotbeds of resistance to militants was the base of the advanced deployment of Ghazni (opened in 2012), at which US military personnel train the Afghan National Police. In the area of this base, the main parts of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are concentrated to repel the Taliban attack, which began to receive reinforcements from Nangarhar province.


   To impede their opponents from transferring reinforcements, the Taliban blocked several sections of the highway Kandahar - Ghazni and Ghazni - Kabul and also occupied several small towns near the city. During the fighting in Ghazni, the militants seized the city prison and released their supporters and other criminals there. The United States used its air force, but it was not possible to reverse the course of the fighting.


   Local journalists referring to the intelligence structures of Afghanistan report that the attack on Ghazni is led by Mullah Idris, the commander of the Taliban Special Forces. Also according to Kabul, about one hundred militants initially participated in the attack, but the Taliban from the provinces of Nangarhar and Helmand joined them as reinforcements.



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   MOSCOW, July 31 (Itar-Tass) - RIA Novosti. The terrorist group "Islamic State" took responsibility for the attack on foreign tourists in Tajikistan, whose victims were four people, according to the American SITE Intelligence Group, a leading monitoring information activity of extremists.


   On the evening of July 29, seven foreign tourists, citizens of the United States, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Germany rode on bicycles. Suddenly they are knocked down by a black car.

   This was not just an accident. Having made a run-around, the driver of the car turned around and began to purposefully crush the fallen cyclists. Then people came out of the car and began to finish off the victims with the help of firearms and knifes, and then fled the scene of the crime.

   As a result of the incident, four people were killed, two more were injured of varying degrees of severity. Most lucky was Frenchman, he fell behind the group, and at the time of the tragedy, he was not on the road at all.


   The driver who hit the tourists disappeared from the scene. During the operative-search activities, a Dewoo-Leganza car was found, on which a group of attackers on foreign cyclists had previously been driven.

   Law enforcement agencies liquidated three suspects in an attack on foreign tourists, which occurred last Sunday, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.


On 7/31/2018 at 11:50 PM, LoooSeR said:




Just relised that this was same event.


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   On the border with Afghanistan, of the Pyanj River on August 26 in the afternoon, two Tajik foresters were killed by the Taliban militants, another wounded.

   Afghan media reported that after the incident, the Tajik Air Force attacked militants in the area of Darkad, Tahhor province. The Tolo news channel does not rule out that the Russian Air Force was attacking.

   The Air Force and the Air Defense Forces of Tajikistan do not yet have combat aircrafts. Airspace protection of the country is carried out by the Air Force of the Russian Armed Forces. The Air Force and the Air Defense Force use helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24.

   Earlier, about 14 Afghan border police officers were killed and six others were missing, following an attack by the Taliban in the bordering Tajikistan of the Afghan province of Takhar, Pajhwok reports.


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