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3 hours ago, Belesarius said:

I like the Sprut. Maximum firepower in a lightweight package. Though it could probably use to have some sort of APS installed.

I am not a fan of Sprut, but there is not much in Russia AFV collection quite like it. Yes, it needs some sort of soft kill and hard kill APS, because of no armor and high price of each vehicle (T-90A level of money AFAIK)



For Tankers day in Sholokhovo local comrades build this...




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1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

About those T-62Ms.....Do you think they were the ones reconditioned as part of the 'tank challenge' and do you think they might be destined for Syria?  If so that all seems pretty damned elegant to me.

   Part of T-62Ms activated in centar storage (IIRC) was sent directly to Novorossiysk, so they are probably already in Syria. Another part was used at Vostok 2018 as shooting targets (one of them visible on video few posts above), so don't expect them to be shipped to Syria. 

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I've got an arcane question about the early 115mm gun and its ammunition.  Perhaps @Jim Warford or @Andrei_bt knows.


If I understand this correctly:



the early APFSDS ammo for the 2A20 was designed to leak slightly at the sabot to impart spin for projectile stability/sabot separation?  

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